Time And After Time Ahead

As the publisher of this small press, Meredith Etc, I am proud to present the second printing of Time And After Time Ahead by my father, Robert Joseph Coleman. Daddy originally published Time And After Time Ahead in 2001. At that time he was experiencing issues with diabetes and losing his eyesight. During the writing phase, daddy’s VA counselor helped him find a computer with a magnifying lence attachment which allowed him to see his text easier.

He was steadfast and determined to complete his book. He did. He self published and produced a paperback book. Then, he launched book tours and presented his work to audiences. Every artist understands the significance of presenting one’s work to the public.

After I started producing ebooks and hardback books, I offered to convert daddy’s book into ebook and hardcover format. He agreed to let me republish his book as long as it was sold for $15.95. The hardback book is $15.44. The softcover book is $7.24. The ebook is $1.99.

But, from today January 22 through January 26, 2020, readers can download and read the Kindle book free. Time And After Time Ahead is the 22nd book title in Meredith Etc’s family of books. Historical pictures have been added to the text. It’s a great read. Enjoy!

In the words of the author, “SEE YOU AT THE REGENERATION!!!

A list of Meredith Etc family of book titles. Read yourself Happy!

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