TAATA (Time and After Time Ahead)

Time And After Time Ahead TAATA by Robert Joseph Coleman ebook 01/21/2020
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Robert Joseph Coleman

Kisha Dyse, RN, holding a copy of Time And After Time Ahead by Robert Joseph Coleman

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Original cover – 2001

The 2nd printing of Time And After Time Ahead (TAATA) is live 01/21/2020


Time And Time After Ahead: TAATA was originally released by my father, a bible scholar, before the rise of Print-on-Demand and e-books. He and my stepmother Catherine Dunn Coleman started BCII Publication at a time when self-publishers had to invest in boxes of books to get a discount on print copies. There were 25,000 self-publishers in the USA then compared to 1.68 million today.

My two younger sisters played roles in the publication of the first printing of Time And After Time Ahead. Daddy’s knee baby, Willa Coleman-Ridgeland, wrote an endorsement, and his baby Jozzlyn Coleman who was a teenager at that time drew the art concept for the cover which included the moon, stars, and a clock.

The ancient Hebrew or Jewish calendar which was influenced by Israelite and Babylonian societies is lunisolar because it was in sync with the natural cycles of the Sun, the Moon, and the Holy Scripture. Use of the 13-month calendar dates to 780 – 850 CE. The months followed cosmological seasons; mathematical concepts were applied to ensure religious ceremonies occurred at the same time each year.

Our father was the first author in our immediate family. Today, there are three generations of authors in his bloodline. I, the eldest daughter, am an author and a book publisher. Daddy’s only great-granddaughter, JaNiya Williams, became a published author at age eight in 2015; his granddaughter, Calla Ridgeway, Willa’s daughter, is a published illustrator.

Years ago, daddy taught me how to make gumbo and our family’s secret cold and flu syrup recipe which he learned from Grandma Christmas Eve. Fresh ginger roots, honey, red onions, lemons… are used to make the syrup. It works like a charm. Other families make similar solutions. Many call their homemade cold medicine hot totties. Daddy once purchased me a stove and gave it to me on Christmas Eve; the gift was not a Christmas gift because the only significance of the 24th of December to him is that his grandmother was born on that day in 1898.

Grandma Christmas Eve was in daddy’s village teaching family traditions. Indeed, daddy was a very special child. He was the first grandchild and the first nephew in his family line. This publication explores in part the shift of religious traditions and societal customs as governmental and communal rules changed.

A picture of Samarians on page 53 in the early 20th century wearing traditional head coverings, preparing a sheep carcass for the Passover Feast depicts people living in biblical lands carrying out ancient religious traditions. The men and boys were wearing kippahs. As is today, the young learn cultural norms from the old.

During biblical times, Samaria was in Central Israel between Galilee in the North and Judea in the South. Today, the Palestinian Authority refers to part of ancient Samaria as the West Bank. Moses dwelled in this land.

The carcass reminded me of Daddy’s grandfather, Thomas Adkins, who was a butcher for a local grocer in Gadsden, Alabama during the Great Depression (1929-1939). Grandpa’ Thomas’s profession afforded him the opportunity to provide meat for his family when meat was scarce.

Grandpa Thomas and Grandma Christmas Eve are buried in the Ballplay Community, in Etowah County, Alabama. Daddy’s side of the family celebrates May Day (Declaration Day) at the church site which was established by our family in 1883 in Ballplay, nearly 140 years ago. The community is called Ballplay because it is situated on the site where the Cherokees played ball game competitions before they were forced to relocate to Indian Territory via the Trail of Tears at the direction of General Andrew Jackson who became the 7th president of the United States of America in 1829.

Daddy is a Methodist who studied biblical history and the Hebrew religion under the tutelage of the late Rabbi Robert Devine of Florence, Mississippi. When we were teenagers in the 1970s, Rabbi Devine had a small service in his living room in West Jackson. He often wore a kippah. So, many onlookers likened him to be a Muslim rather than a Hebrew who practiced Christianity because Christians in western society do not typically wear traditional head coverings.

Daddy originally migrated to Jackson, Mississippi as a transfer student in 1959 on a football scholarship to attend Jackson State College. When my famous Uncle James and his first wife Mary June Meredith enrolled in college in 1960, they met daddy, a popular football linebacker, in the registration line and became fast friends. My uncle wrote a book endorsement too. He told me he was very proud of daddy because completing goals is very important.

Daddy is a bible scholar who wore a kippah too. Before his health declined, he often quoted bible scripture like it wasn’t nobody’s business. He moved back to Jackson, Mississippi 10 years ago from Alpharetta, Georgia where he was a minister affiliated with the National Association of United Methodist Evangelists Worldwide Ministry among other organizations. Today, he enjoys listening to the word via audiobooks.

While TAATA: Time And After Time Ahead is a scholarly book, it is a very enjoyable read. This text will teach some and remind others that the Romans altered time when they replaced the Hebrew calendar with the Gregorian calendar and the Romans muddied religion when she added pagan rituals into mainstream Christian culture.

I implore individuals to read TAATA which contains pertinent biblical historical context and explores, at best, the dogmatic and lasting impact the Roman Empire (27 BCE – 1453 CE) had on Christianity.

Meredith Coleman McGee, Publisher, Meredith Etc

Jackson, Mississippi

Time and After Time Ahead (TAATA), a paperback book 117 pgs by Elder Robert Joseph Coleman

What does time, the Jewish Calendar, and the Roman Calendar have to do with biblical scripture? How did pagan rituals become incorporated into modern holidays?

Learn this and more, when you read TAATA, written by Elder Robert Joseph Coleman. Buy Now for $10.00. Elder Coleman, a native of Gadsden, AL is now a resident in a Long Term Care Facility in Jackson, MS.


“Every holiday of mankind, without exception, is vain, arrogant, and pagan! Mankind or Satan celebrates anything that is wicked. In this book, we are not concerned with the minor national or regional holidays – for example, America’s Thanksgiving holiday…”

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