Community Library Mississippi

Meredith Etc sponsored the production of My First Book Series and My Picture Dictionary. All proceeds support the programs of the Community Library Mississippi. Make donations to Community Library Mississippi’s programs Paypal Giving Fund to Community Library Mississippi, a public charity, leading “An Intellectual Revolution.”

Meredith C. McGee talks literacy on the Be in the Know radio program with Angela Carson
Donate the cost of early learning reference books for back-to-school and other give-a-ways. Thank you for helping us get reference books in the hands of children.

Meredith Coleman McGee, Meredith Etc, Publisher/ Acquisition Editor, spearheaded this project. She and other local educational advocates are planning to create the first state-of-the-art community library system in their hometown to promote literacy and the love for reading. The long term goal is creating community libraries throughout Jackson, Hinds County, and ultimately across the state of Mississippi.

Community libraries are usually located in houses, small structures, or reading rooms. Programs are controlled by neighborhood residents. Blog page

Community Library Initiative has been renamed Community Library Mississippi.

An Intellectual Revolution


  1. Learning Tree Book Club (2016)
  2. Book Toasters (2018)
  3. Jackson Book Festival (Poetry contest – original poems- 2018)
  4. Reading Fairs (2016)
  5. Community Speaking Series (2019)
  6. Book Toaster’s Speaking Series (2019)
  7. Local History Speaker’s Series (2019)


  1. My First Book Series (six primer books – ages 3 to 6)
  2. My Picture Dictionary (picture dictionary ages 3 to 7)

Buy a print book and or an eBook now. The series is a school preparatory curriculum for children ages 3 to 5. Idea for parents, day care teachers, and teachers. please complete our * * * * * SURVEY 

My First Book Series:

My 1 to 5 Activity Book Vol. 1, 42 pages

My A to G Activity Book Vol. 2, 21 pages

My H to P Activity Book Vol. 3, 49 pages

My 10 to 100 Activity Book Vol. 4, 31 pages

My 2 to 24 Activity Book Vol. 5, 36 pages

My Q to Z Activity Book Vol. 6, 56 pages My First Book Series (6 vols)

My 1 to 5 Activity Book  print book $5.99. Teaches adding and math concepts via finger counting. Introduces the first five numbers in English and Spanish.

My A to G Activity Book print book $5.99. 36 pages. Introduces readers to words & shorts sentences with the alphabets A through G. Includes a family tree and a Certificate of Completion.

All book proceeds will support the planning and building funds for the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi.

Like the Community Library Initiative on FACEBOOK

Write to us at: Community Library Initiative, 1052 Maria Court, Jackson, MS 39204-5151

Mail contributions to: Heirsskymallcom Inc., 1052 Maria Court, Jackson, MS 39204-5151 c/o Community Library Initiative of Jackson, MS 

For: Community Library Initiative. Donate to our cause today! $5, $10, 15, $20… 


5 thoughts on “Community Library Mississippi

  1. My son Billy loved MY 1 TO 5 ACTIVITY BOOK and MY A to G ACTIVITY BOOK. These were the first activity books he started and finished. He loves coloring and writing. He has learned our home address and how to spell our parents names. These books teaches a variety of concepts. We made a copy of his certificates and put them on the refrigerator.

  2. The My A to G Activity Book was my four-year old granddaughters first book. She loved it and enjoyed spending time with me as I helped her do the activities. This book was a great starting point. She asked me to take her to the library. I am buying My 1 to 5 Activity Book Friday.

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