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2013: William Trest Jr., Reverse Guilty Plea, novella wrongful conviction

2013: Meredith Coleman McGee, Odyssey, collection of poems and writings

2014: Starkishia, Starkishia: Estrella, memoir Georgia teenager ends up in Mexico

2014: Ty A. PATTERSON, Southern Jewel: The Elements Within, coming of age poetry

2015: Rhemalyn Lewis Williams, Everlasting Love Poems, acoustic poems

2015: JaNiya Williams, illustrator Calla Ridgeway, Saving the Manatees, story & coloring book – back matter includes cursive writing practice

2015: Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, Social Justice and Christianity, 400 years of Christian leaders from the Popes who blessed slave ships to Martin Luther King Jr., most noted Christian minister on social justice in USA history.

2016: Mary Haralson Coleman with Starkishia, Mary’s Story & Song, memoir, Scott County, MS, Jim Crow south. Despite humble beginnings, Mrs. Coleman made historical strides in business and in music.

2016: Richard Hulse, My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise, biography of Bo Hulse, an actor extra via Melrose Place…

2016: Anthony Ellis, Death By Association: Vol. 1 Retaliation Vol. 2 Deception, murder mystery set in Memphis, TN which exposes millionaire detention officers who have tapped into the contraband market at the County Prison Farm.

2016: Meredith Coleman McGee, Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum, Vol 1 Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series – ‘Nashida’ character visits Smith Roberson Museum – learns state history and stories about culture and race.

2016Loretha Wallace & Loretta Wallace Ellis, Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant,  illustrated poems and short stories

2017Meredith Coleman McGee, Nashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol Vol 2 Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series. ‘Nashida’ character visits the Mississippi State Capitol – learns civics, historical stories, and the influence of three former governors.

2017Rosemary Jenkins, The Southern Phoenix, historical fiction set in Alabama’s blackbelt and in Los Angeles, California. Character ‘Ba Bro’ escapes death and become a prestigious lawyer.

2017: Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, Woman Preach, woman’s evolution from the pews to the pulpit… gender customs – 1848 Women’s Conference, antislavery and suffrage movements…

2018: William Trest Jr., The New Populist Party, a novella, third party’s ticket advances female candidate to the white house – USA presidency 2020.

2018: Meredith Coleman McGee, Odyssey 2nd edition, author adds speeches and new poems to her collection of writings

2018: Rosemary Jenkins, editor, Juvenile Offender: From Big Wheels to the Big House, an anthology of writings by Rosemary Jenkins, a newspaper contributor, and juvenile offender contributors in California’s industrial prison system

2018: Hazel Janell Meredith, My Brother J-Boy, Nell and J-Boy are the main characters. They grew up in the Jim Crow south on an 84 acre farm in rural Attala County, Mississippi on the outskirts of Kosciusko. J-Boy became one of the town’s most famous citizens. The 100 page book is loved by both children and adults.

2019: Meredith Coleman McGee, James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him, 2nd edition, biography of Civil Rights icon James H. Meredith in the contest of the America that created him and his generation. From birth to age 85.

2019: Meredith Coleman McGee, Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol Museum, Vol. 3, Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series. ‘Nashida’ learns civics, local history, state history, national history, and facts about Reconstruction when she visits the Old Capitol Museum in Jackson, Mississippi.

2020: Malesha Smith, Lily Darling, a novella, Lily, a Middle schooler rises from the ashes of self-pity to self-assurance and becomes a voice for others

2020: Janice K. Neal-Vincent, A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book, Neal-Vincent has directed Spoken Word Choirs with her poetry and other writing expressing the black experience for decades.

2020: Robert Joseph Coleman, Time And After Time Ahead (TAATA) available on the World Wide Web as an ebook. 2nd printing. How pagan rituals became indoctrinated into mainstream Christian practices over time. New foreword by the author’s daughter Meredith Coleman McGee.

2021: Irma Mae Rodgers Walker Mother Wit (hardback standard color edition) $14.98

2022: Meredith Coleman McGee, Every Inch Love Will, a memoir; and Midnight Moon, a novel.

2022: Shirley Francis No Recipe Intended, mature poems/shorties

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Odyssey by Meredith Coleman McGee 2013
2nd printing – small print $10.33 Odyssey 2nd edition 2019 2018