My Brother J-Boy (Illustrated Children’s Book)

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114 pages, includes a homework assignment on citizenship and an a certificate signed by the author Hazel Janell Meredith and James H. Meredith.

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Hazel Janell Meredith has a new children’s book: “Trip in the Enchanted Forest.”

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PRAISE FOR My Brother J-Boy

“The book is truly amazing and inspiring.”

Loderia Dominique Johnson, Student, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi

 “I have read My Brother J-Boy over and over. It is really a good book.”

Geneva Kern Eason, Classmate of James Meredith, Attala County Training School, Kosciusko, Mississippi

“It’s a great story and extremely informative and will be appreciated for many years to come.”

Posey Miller, Retired Navy Pilot, Sandy Springs, Georgia

My Brother J-Boy is a fun, easy to read story for children of all ages. This book presents an inspiring story about an older brother, J-Boy and his inquisitive sister. J-Boy teaches his sister and the reader games, folk cures, and daily traditions of everyday rural Mississippi farm life.”

R.D. Pierce, Author of Devilliers, Pensacola, Florida

“This book is very good and enjoyable. I think Christian Schools and Public School Systems will benefit from incorporating this book into their reading programs.”

Nita Meredith, Teacher, Olympia Fields, Illinois

“The story about James H. Meredith growing up is truly a complete account of the wonderful times that the children had while growing up on a farm.

Horace Hall, Green County, Alabama

My Brother J-Boy, about James H. Meredith, is truly a work to be read and enjoyed by young and old. The message of love, devotion to family, strength, and courage found in this family in rural Mississippi in the worst Jim Crow era is beyond reproach. The author’s simple style tells a story of the Meredith family distinct with clear and sharp easy to understand language and clear lines of distinction between happiness and sadness. Much outstanding features of this book are the strength, courage, and even the wit at times of this family.

The beauty of My Brother J-Boy is amplified by the excellent free hand drawings of Chuck Justo and the sharp clean photographs of personalities who had prominent roles in the Meredith Family. There is no question that the author embraced the full spectrum of her life, and the life of her family centered around her favorite family member, James H. Meredith, J-Boy.”

Luana F. Clayton, Retired English Professor, Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi

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My Brother J-Boy
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About the Author

Hazel Janell Meredith is a native of Kosciusko, Mississippi. She is the character Nell, and a younger sister of James H. Meredith. Like her brother, James Meredith, she advocates that children learn the 3 Rs at home before age six, and that students can become intellectual giants by mastering the English language. 

The author was known for many years as Hazel Coleman, others know her now as Hazel Hall. She is the mother of four, grandmother of six, and great grandmother of five. 

She is the co-author of A Story about James H. Meredith – A Civil Rights Leader, My A to G Activity Book and My 1 to 5 Activity Book. She owns Amerikan Press, and is the co-founder of Inc. She is a member of Heirs United Investment Club, and is a crusader for the development of a community library in her hometown of Jackson, Mississippi. She earned a B.S. in Home Economics from Mississippi Valley State Technical and Vocational College, and a M.S. degree in Child Development from the University of Illinois, the Urbana – Champaign Campus. 

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