I LOVE the Richard Wright Library

Library-Woos-Campaign-for Change

I LOVE the Richard Wright Library

Campaign to form the 1st Friends of the Richard Wright Library

A group of citizens have launched a campaign to establish the first Friends of the Richard Wright Library in Jackson, Mississippi on McDowell Road.

Libraries are the most important institutions in a community.

Library Branches continuously need money to buy new books, equipment, and funds to promote library services to get people in the library. 

Citizens Spearheading this campaign:

  • Meredith C. McGee, Author, South Jackson Business Owner
  • Ercilla Hendrix, wife of Ward 6 Councilman Tyrone Hendrix, mother of two
  • Starkishia Rountree, Heathcare Professional, Author, mother of four
  • Loretha Wallace, Retired South Jackson resident, mother of four, grandmother of eleven
  • Timothy Stamps, Stamps Burgers Co-Owner, Jackson
  • Jovaunda Smith, Jackson Attorney


  • Dorothy “Dot” Benford, Campaign for Hillary Clinton Consultant, Jackson 
  • Brenda Hyde, Executive Director/Community Educator, Southern Echo


We want to increase volunteerism in the City of Jackson’s Library System and to help spearhead fundraising efforts to revitalize the City’s crumbing library services. 

Library Branches needs FRIENDS!

If you’re with us; let us know — call, email, blog, or write to us:

601.372.0229 — meredithcmcgee@gmail.com


FB Campaign to form a Friends of the Richard Wright Library

https://www.facebook.com/Campaign-to-form-a-Friends-of-the-Richard-Wright-Library-204204503316364/?skip_nax_wizard=true Like us on Facebook

How to start a Friends group in Mississippi: forming-a-friends-chapter-in-mississippi-1



Not only will this raise money for books, this is also a clear effort to bring the community together. When I was a child, the library was a meeting place. Reading has to be encouraged on a daily basis. Friends of the Richard Wright Library can also eventually help form reading groups, after school programs, regular book readings, and in the future might even be able to collaborate with JPS schools in the area who have book shortages. The library is a great place to start helping one child at a time. Every library in Jackson should have a group like this made up of people who care voluntarily since funding is so low.
Save and Support of Greatly Needed Libraries! Especially the Richard Wright Library in Jackson, Miss. So many lives are enriched and go on to fulfill their dreams and goals as contributing and productive members of society!

5starI support the formation of the friends of the Richard Wright Library!


I am proud of the citizens who have taken upon themselves to attempt to create a volunteer board charged with the task of raising well needed funds for their local library. The Jackson Friends of the Library was created in 1985. The late Dr. Ollie Shirley was one of the founding board members. She helped create the Jackson Medical Mall. I remember when the mall declined and citizens like Dr. Shirley got together and were proactive and now we have the Jackson Medical Mall instead a big building with empty business spaces. Like them, we want to improve our community.