Woman-preach (textbook)

Advance Praise for Woman Preach

In this recent book, Woman Preach, The Reverend Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, sheds new light on the powerful role women played in the church, and in society. From Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony, both 19th century preachers, women have been a source of strength, acting with the prophetic voices of social justice, to abolish slavery and bigotry and to treat women and all people with equality and the dignity they deserve.

Dr. Hathorn provides insight into the leadership roles women played in the church, often muted and misrepresented, in articulating the needs of the poor and the neglected. History shows, documented in Dr. Hathorn’s book, that it was the women of the church who called upon its leadership to answer the challenge of the Gospel in addressing those needs. Woman Preach deserves to be studied for its timeless truths. 

Reverend G. David Singleton, Social Justice Activist/Humanitarian

Rev. Singleton wrote the foreword for Rev. Hathorn’s first book Social Justice and Christianity.

The making of Woman Preach

woman preachThe late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn converted his thesis into this important textbook discussing the evolution of women’s advancement from the pews to the pulpil. He was looking for someone to write the Preface for Woman Preach before his passing in November of 2016. 

Historic pictures of religious and social justice icons such as Abraham Lincoln, Sojourner Truth, William Lloyd Garrison, Mary Wollstonecraft, Abigail Smith Adams, William D. Booth, Frederick Douglass, etc have been added to the text.

Rev. Hathown’s own words below will add light on his views of this topic:

John Wesley ordained the first female Methodist preacher in 1784 – 232 years ago. At that time, women were restricted to the kitchen. They couldn’t own property, vote, or preach; in fact, a woman could be whipped in her house by her husband like a child.

Like most southern preachers I possessed old views of women, and was against women preaching until I witnessed a female preacher move the congregation to its feet.

The crowd roared, “Woman Preach.” I along with several male preachers stood with the crowd. Like me, other men will have to feel God’s power at work to realize that God calls women to do His work.

Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn