Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon, a novel, for young adults, by Meredith Coleman McGee was released Jan. 3, 2022. Midnight Moon is the 10th work of McGee and her first novel.

Midnight Moon, a novel, set in Midnight, Humphreys County, Mississippi in the 1980s in the Mississippi Delta in the heart of Catfish land, explores close childhood friendships in the context of a tightknit community. The hard work of the young friends brings the community together by setting a precedent for others to admire and follow. https://py.pl/7CSqKZas9rW softcover $9.48 https://py.pl/27ZY5Q hardcover $17.24

the eBook Midnight Moon by Meredith Coleman McGee is live 01.01.2022

Praise for Midnight Moon

Midnight Moon, a novel based on a true story, is well suited for young adults and teenagers. In a quest to build the economic fortunes in the community of Midnight, Mississippi, a group of teens following the lead of their teacher, Miss Mary Agnus, move into the realm of politics, community organizing and economic development. Along the way, they learn many lessons from civics to mathematics.  They also learn to evaluate varied opinions and how to solve problems using different approaches.

Alice Paris, Retired

Tuskegee University & Federation of Southern Cooperatives

Midnight Moon is awe-inspiring, descriptive, and educational.  It can be used for lessons in business, finances, and history.  It also explores critical analysis and thinking.

Tim C. Lee, CEO & Founder

TCL Financial & Tax Services and Host of “The TCL Show”

Meredith Coleman McGee is the author of Every Inch Love Will, Odyssey, Married to SinNashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol MuseumJames Meredith: Warrior and the America that created himNashida: Visits the Smith Robertson MuseumNashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol, My Picture Dictionaryand My First Book Series.

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