Teacup Memories

Teacup Memories, a collection of 28 poems and 10 short stories, by Rose Humphrey Burkett will be released January 6, 2023.

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Contact Rose Humphrey Burkett for autographed copies of Teacup Memories – writersdream4@gmail.com

Rose Humphrey Burkett, a native of Flora, Madison County, Mississippi, is an administrative assistant in the medical field with a Medical Administration degree from Hinds Community College. Burkett has been writing poetry for several decades. Her first published poem Memories debuted in the poetry anthology Measures of the Heart. Teacup Memories is her first book. She now lives in Jackson, Hinds County, Mississippi with her husband A. Jerry Burkett.

Teacup Memories is a collection of 28 poems and 10 short stories by Rose Humphrey Burkett. This collection combines wit, love, self-worth, and renewal themes with mystical fantasy. Middle school, high school, college, and general poetry readers will dive in this work full heartedly. Teacup Memories is a quick and enjoyable read. Readers and poetry lovers will walk away upbeat and inspired to conquer new horizons.

Book Release Party
Capitol St COC Family Life Center 
1917 W. Capitol St.—Jackson, MS 39206 - 12noon to 2pm
Teacup Memories by Rose Humphrey Burkett is live via the eBook and the print book 01.06.2023.
Rose Burkett

Mommy, Mommy by Rose Humphrey Burkett

Advance Praise for Teacup Memories

Teacup Memories is the perfect title for this collection of inspirational poems and short stories by author Rose Humphrey Burkett. However,  you’ll want to fill your coffee mug to the brim before cracking open this  ingeniously witty book filled with birds chirping, snowflakes falling, bees dancing, and diamonds glistening! 

Alice Thomas-Tisdale, Publisher Emerita, Jackson Advocate 

I read Teacup Memories. I definitely enjoyed it. The children’s stories will inspire readers to make the impossible possible. 

Sammy Winder, NFL Running Back, Denver Broncos, 1982-1990

Rose Humphrey Burkett has written that rare book of poetry and prose that speaks to calm the mind.

Teacup Memories is insightful and mind-boggling. It is essential reading to begin your day and to get motivated as you find strength within.

Janice K. Neal-Vincent (Ph.D.), Journalist, Keynote speaker, Performance artist, Poet

Rose Humphrey Burkett, left, William Trest Jr, center, Meredith Coleman McGee, right, presenter Publish My Book, January 18, 2014, Richard Wright Library, McDowell Rd.

4 thoughts on “Teacup Memories

  1. Teacup Memories is an inspiring, uplifting book. I enjoyed it immensely. Once I started reading I didn’t stop until I finished. I am so very proud of my friend/classmate. This was a lifelong dream for her. A JOB WELL DONE!!


  2. I enjoyed Teacup Memories. It brings back many enjoyable Memories. So very happy your dreams came true. Great job.


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