Book Toasters

Book Toasters was formed in 2018 in Jackson, Mississippi
as a social group for poets and authors. 

Authors, poets, and writers from across the nation are welcome to join. We are planning to host virtual book tours beginning in February of 2021. Email for more information. get tickets now

Dismantled Damsel, Kamp Woods, Houston, TX poet
You Are My Sonshine, children book, Jaleissa Speight, Detroit, MI

Book Toaster LaRonda Coleman’s interview. Host Meredith Coleman McGee, Book Toasters Speaking Series
Book Toasters Series honors Mary Hardy, Independent Book Store Owner, Women’s History Month, Fri, March 19, 2021
Book Toaster LaRonda Coleman interviews founding member Meredith Coleman McGee

Happy writing! Happy reading! Happy Selling!

Angela Stewart, Founder, Sankofa Reading Group with Book Toaster Mary Haralson Coleman at a Haralson’s book talk and signing at the historic COFO center on Lynch St. Jackson, MS @ JSU
LaRonda Coleman, Book Toaster, Song Writer, Poet, Recorded Artist
Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, Book Toaster, Author, “MOTHER WIT”
Book Toasters

From left to right: Loretta Wallace Ellis (Poet/Author), Fran Chambers Camper (Poet/Author), Loretha Wallace (Poet/Author), Meredith Coleman McGee (Poet/Author), Seated: Mary Haralson Coleman (Author/Gospel Singer)

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Fran Wade Camper, Meredith C. McGee, and Lena Barnes, Jackson Book Festival, 2019

Book Toasters est. 2018 by a small band of authors (Mary Haralson Coleman, Meredith Coleman McGee, Loretha Wallace, Loretta Walace Ellis, Fran Camper, and William Trest Jr.) Community Library Mississippi. New members: LaRonda Coleman, Writer, Poet and Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, author, Mother Wit.

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