Buy books via Mail

meredith etc logoMoney Orders/Checks to:  
Meredith Etc – 1052 Maria Court – Jackson, MS 39204

3-5 day shipping

List book title on MEMO LINE: Odyssey, Reverse Guilty Plea…

Write a note to have copies autographed for example: Autograph a copy of James Meredith Warrior to the Brown Family.

Most books can be autographed.

2nd Example: Autograph a copy of Odyssey to Sara Hinkley-Butler

  1. Mail $49.50 – James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him – Hardback
  2. Mail $17.98Odyssey
  3. Mail $13.88 – Casada al Pecado (Spanish edition of Married to Sin)
  4. Mail $13.78Married to Sin
  5. Mail $16.84 My Brother J-Boy
  6. Mail $9.53 – Reverse Guilty Plea
  7. Mail $18.66 to order Starkishia: Estrella Trade paperback 6″x9″
  8. Mail $14.66 – Starkishia: Estrella small print edition 5″x8″
  9. Mail $16.66 to order Southern Jewel: The Elements Within
  10. Mail $15.50 to order Social Justice and Christianity (New Release)
  11. Mail $10.19 to order Saving the Manatees (New Release)
  12. Mail $19.88 to order Everlasting Love Poems – Hardback edition (New Release)
  13. Mail $12.44 – Everlasting Love Poems – softcover (New Release)
  14. Mail $17.44 – My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise – softcover (New Release) 
  15. Mail $10.00 – Time and After Time Ahead – softcover 
  16. Mail $20.00 – Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant – softcover full color
  17. Mail $12.50 – Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant – softcover black & white
  18. Mail $29.75 – Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant – hardback full color

We appreciate your patronage! Happy reading!


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