Every Inch Love Will

Every Inch Love Will, a memoir about the late William Earl McGee Jr. by his widow Meredith Coleman McGee. Every Inch Love Will | Meredith Etc https://py.pl/1Hxnhb $20.98 buy the hardcover edition https://py.pl/1mm9RJ $10.24 buy the softcover black and white interior edition https://py.pl/tYpve $19.98 softcover full color interior edition.

Every Inch Love Will, a memoir by Meredith Coleman McGee about her late husband William Earl McGee Jr. is forthcoming
Every Inch Love Will, a memoir by Meredith Coleman McGee about her late husband William Earl McGee Jr. softback full color interior $20.98 available at Amazon

https://www.barnesandnoble.com/w/every-inch-love-will-meredith-coleman-mcgee/1140830878?ean=9781737884309 Every Inch Love Will, hardcover edition at Barnes & Noble online.

Every Inch Love Will – softcover, full color interior, print book is live 01.01.2022
“Meredith Coleman McGee signs 9th book – Every Inch Love Will -a hit at Barnes & Noble” by Janice K. Neal-Vincent, PhD, Contributing Writer, Mississippi Link, Community, June 2-8, 2022, p. 15.

PRAISE for Every Inch Love Will

Black Love is often hidden in plain sight because it begins in places we frequent in our everyday lives, and it happens when Black men and women have truly made up their minds that they want to love and be loved — and that they are worthy of a mature, honorable, lifelong kind of love. This is the love described within the pages of Every Inch Love Will as Meredith McGee demonstrates -through her unique storytelling- how Black love is the everyday actions of everyday people in our everyday Black spaces, and it goes from the local to the eternal spaces within the heart.

Jolivette Anderson aka The Poet Warrior, Host & Founding Production Partner of Mississippi Vibes Open Mic Poetry Set, Jackson, Mississippi 1998 – 2003

A beautiful love story, a testament to how growth can come from grief, and a personal history are weaved into a narrative in this candid work, which also highlights much of Black American history. This book is so seamless, you’ll feel like you’re sitting down at the kitchen table and listening to McGee tell her story over a good meal, the room filled with both laughter and tears.

Emily Michie Birch, M.L.S. Librarian and former editor at Praeger Publishers

Every Inch Love Will is a heart touching love story.  This fast-paced read is a memorial to the love between Will McGee and Meredith McGee.  It warmed my spirit to learn how much they cherished each other. I can only imagine how difficult it was for Meredith to create this love story so soon after Will’s death. The things we do for love…

Alice Paris, Retired, Tuskegee University/Federation of Southern Cooperatives

A compelling and riveting memoir of a love affair where both partners learn to respect and trust each other regardless of financial and health obstacles.

William Trest Jr., Author, The New Populist Party and Reverse Guilty Plea

Meredith & William E. McGee Jr. headed to Respect Our Black Dollars Banquet March 2020
Meredith Coleman McGee to sign books at Barnes & Noble in Ridgeland, MS, SAT. May 28, 2022 12-4pm


Every Inch Love Will is a love story, a story of a deeply devoted couple. Absorbing and moving, the story unfolds tenderly, in a local neighborhood as the two get to know each other and their families are knit together.

They don’t take each other for granted. They are modest and appreciative about their good fortune in finding each other, having had broken relationships in the past. They commemorate their milestones and anniversaries and enjoy daily life. Although Meredith is often on the road for work, the story is about finding and keeping a home. As the author says about her husband, “Life placed me in his heart, next to his grandmother.”

The book is also an account of their separate parallel lives as they change over time. One life shows the evolution of a woman at work — her disillusionment with the nonprofit field and her emergence (in this order) as a typist, editor, author, publisher and entrepreneur extraordinaire. In tandem, her husband moves through several levels of a journeyman’s life; he is a plumber and gains skills and credentials over time. The two maintained zones of privacy, not necessarily knowing details of the other’s finances or income.

Underneath the happy story, there are low notes, reports of Will’s medical afflictions, recurring like a beating drum, threatening the terrible loss to come. At one point, when the reader has been lulled into complacency by the fact that Will repeatedly recovers, it is shocking to learn that he has trouble holding a spoon.

I have had the honor and privilege of being acquainted with the couple in this story. I know the author, who entered our rural leadership and education program when she worked at the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, assisting Mississippi farmers.

The Rural Development Leadership Network (RDLN) is a national, multicultural social justice organization that supports community development in poor rural areas through hands-on projects, education, leadership development and networking. Participants take part in a four-week Rural Development Institute at the University of California, Davis; spearhead a project in their home areas during approximately two-and-a half years of involvement and have the option of earning an academic degree. (At the time of Meredith’s participation, the master’s was provided through Antioch University; it’s now through the Great Plains Program, with the host being the University of Kansas.) Our Assemblies, held in diverse rural areas, provide the impetus for much of the travel described in this narrative.

Both Meredith and Will participated in activities of the Rural Development Leadership Network, and I witnessed their interaction, when, for example, Will would help with the transport and arrangement of Meredith’s books for sale at events, or when I stayed overnight at their house and saw her solicitation for him.

After Will died, Meredith made the project of writing a memoir of their life together a way to work through her grief. She seems to have attacked the project with practicality and a natural determination, simply taking one step after the other, as she has taken on other projects in her life, like training citizens in redistricting while on the staff of Southern Echo, or like starting a family investment club, or undertaking initiatives to encourage literacy among children in Jackson, Mississippi, or joining book fairs there to make reading a priority for everyone (and to help sell books), or like assuming primary responsibility for the care of her infirm father under her roof. Caring for a parent is a big responsibility and she barely alludes to it in the book, taking it in stride.

A kind of confidence is needed for her approach, a willingness to learn by doing, not to know all the answers before starting out. Many of us are intimidated by academia, for example, held back by self-doubt or past difficulties. Meredith took on the independent study in the RDLN/Antioch master’s program without batting an eye. Maybe some of her confidence comes from having a famous uncle — James Meredith — who integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962, Maybe some of it comes from having three close relatives (her father, mother, and uncle) who are published authors.

Facing the project of moving on through life as a widow, Meredith again is practical. Will was talented with mechanical processes. Meredith’s future starts with learning how to get the car fixed.

Starry Krueger, President

Rural Development Leadership Network

New York, NY

December 22, 2021


When asked to write the introduction for such a special book, I was not only taken aback, but honored to be considered for such a big contribution to an amazing story. I met Mr. and Mrs. McGee in 2012 while searching for a publisher for my memoir. I was given a flyer for Meredith Etc by a coworker who stated that a young man was posting them in a local library. Turns out the young man was William Earl McGee Jr. Upon our initial meeting, I knew the McGees were a loving and inspirational couple. Mr. McGee would also become the first patient I cared for during my introduction into the medical field.

Every Inch Love Will is a miraculous memoir dedicated to and written for a magnificent man. This book tells a story of true love and devotion which spanned over 23 years. Will and Meredith shared an unbreakable bond that tested time. Throughout their marriage, they faced many trials. However, they held onto each other and challenged the world as one. They supported each other’s endeavors and advocated for one another. He was her biggest fan and she, his. And what would you expect from a couple so deeply in love?

Will was a hardworking, well educated, and honest man. He provided for his family and was a wonderful role model to his son, nieces, nephews, and peers. Utilizing his trade in plumbing, Will employed many young men. He gave them an opportunity to earn an honest days’ wage while also teaching them everything he knew in hopes that they too could become successful in the field. Will was a pillar of his community. Everyone who knew or encountered him instantly loved and trusted him. He was a big brother to many.

As a young child Will was sickly. However, his medical condition did not stop him from pursuing his interests. In adulthood, a crippling diagnosis often threatened his very existence. Though hospitalized on numerous occasions, Will stayed positive and on his feet with the help of his caregiving spouse. Following each hospital stay, he was blessed to return home to his family, regain his strength, and push forward. Nothing detoured him. It is said that God gives His toughest battles to His strongest soldiers. And that is exactly what Will was, a soldier. He fought long and hard until the day God called him to rest.

Will and Meredith were blessed to share many memories and special moments over the 23 years they spent together. What started as an encounter with a stranger blossomed into a love that many people don’t get the opportunity to experience. Through tears and pain, joy and sorrow, sickness and health, their commitment to each other grew with every moment. Nothing can alter the connection they had. The raw emotion with which their story was written makes evident the fact that their souls are fused, and they will forever be one. Their story is the epitome of black love, and their love affair will last until the end of time. 

Starkishia, RN, Author, Co-author

Starkishia: Estrella and Mary’s Story & Song

Every Inch Love Will by Meredith Coleman McGee – hardback edition, IngramSpark, $20.98
Every Inch Love Will by Meredith Coleman McGee – soft cover edition – black & white edition – online at Barnes & Noble $10.24
Every Inch Love Will, a memoir about William Earl McGee Jr, a Shady Oaks legend, by his widow Meredith Coleman McGee. The eBook is live 12.30.2021
MLK Dr. Barbershop owner & customer holding Every Inch Love Will. Both purchased copies 03.23.2022
Order Every Inch Love Will by Meredith Coleman McGee. see the book product page.
https://py.pl/1Hxnhb $20.98 buy the hardcover black and white interior edition
Bettye Tyler, Meredith Coleman McGee, Ella Lewis
Meredith Coleman McGee autographed copies of "Every Inch Love Will."

22 thoughts on “Every Inch Love Will

  1. “Every Inch Love Will” is the most heartfelt, moving, compelling love story I’ve ever read. Meredith and Will were so close they were almost one person. Anyone should buy and read this memoir. Meredith and Will became great friends with me when we met in 2013 while I was compiling my first book “Reverse Guilty Plea.” I was deeply saddened by the untimely death of this great man who was an outstanding example for everyone.

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  2. Just finished Every Inch Love Will. Thank you for allowing me to get to know Will through your writing. I know he was the type of guy I’d have no problem hanging out with. Nothing phony about him. A straight shooter, all the way!

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  3. Bettye Tyler
    5.0 out of 5 stars Finding joy in the midst of sorrow
    Reviewed in the United States on January 26, 2022
    Verified Purchase
    Every Inch Love Will takes the reader on an intrinsic journey through cultures and history, propelled by the author’s covenant of love shared between her and Will, her late husband in life and forever. – Bettye H. Tyler, Founder of Marvellous Works, Inc.


  4. Ella Lewis, Life Coach
    Ridgeland, MS
    Review 1Votes 0
    Reader Type: On-Trend Reader
    ☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. · 6 hours ago
    Every Inch Love Will
    It is Amazing! This author changed pain to purpose by writing her expression of love for her husband and recalling the wonderful time together. I brought 5 of these books and gave them to my friends as a gift.

    Review Contains Spoilers: Yes
    # Tags: Life Changing, Historically Accurate, Inspirational, Emotional, Family, Romance, Quick Read, Trending, Being in Love, Made Me Smarter
    ✔ Yes, I recommend this product.


  5. Suzanne C. Lowe
    5.0 out of 5 stars Love in the face of loss
    Reviewed in the United States on February 23, 2022

    Once I started this book I was swept into a world filled with profound love. It was a love that not only survived, but grew, even in the face of a debilitating illness and enormous life challenges. I have seen people take their marriage bonds lightly. Will and Meredith never did. I loved reading about how they invested in each other’s careers and families. I loved hearing the stories of their adventures and their triumphs. Meredith McGee writes as if she were sitting right next to me, speaking her life. Her style of writing is detailed yet easy to read.

    I was also swept into her world of such grief. I will never forget Meredith McGee’s words describing her sudden shock, pain, and fear at the news of Will’s death. I will never forget the way she describes her traumatic days of early widowhood, when she realizes how much Will did for their partnership when she wasn’t aware that he did. Like filling the car radiator with water every day. Or finding a necklace hidden in a drawer.

    I am filled with gratitude for having been brought into the world of Meredith and Will McGee.

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  6. Vicki Barlow
    5.0 out of 5 stars A Memoir of Love
    Reviewed in the United States on March 27, 2022
    Meredith McGee wrote this as a Valentine to her beloved husband Will after he died. Theirs was marriage that was truly “Happily Ever After” as they were soul mates who adored each other until the end. This memoir is easy to read as Meredith writes about their very rich lives as activists and pillars of their community. I often cried while reading because I know and love these two beautiful people. Reading this book will enrich your life. So, please read it!


  7. Thunderwoman
    ☆☆☆☆☆5 out of 5 stars. · 2 hours ago
    Love This Book
    I know these people. I have witnessed their incredible love… this book tells the whole story.. I just got to be a small part of their lives and I am so honored to have been there… yes, I read it on a three hour flight and could not put it down… meet these amazing people and hear the rest of the story!!!


  8. Malesha Smith, Author

    Epitome of True Love
    Every Inch Love Will is a love story as well as a grief memoir. It takes you through a powerful exploration of love and companionship between a husband and his wife. The bond between the two is like no other which is vividly shown through the ups and downs that they endured throughout their time together. Not only do you get a love story, this memoir takes you through a historically journey as well. I cried and laughed and most importantly, found a renewed faith in love.

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  9. Meredith,

    Hats off to you for sharing with the world your wonderful love story in a very personal way. Your portrayal of intimacy between you and Will were imaginable from a positive, strengthening standpoint. I read the book (in three sittings) within 4 hours and 51 minutes. It took every bit of that time for me, a fast-paced reader. Every page was exciting. I felt that I was with the two of you on a number of occasions among your six chapters.

    Every Inch Will is a smashing success for present and future readers who stretch among generations! Familiar names and places spark attention, knowledge and encouragement for those who imagine love, plan to love, are encouraged to love, are skeptical to love. Those who are hurting, those who have been hurt, those who never want to try love again can benefit from that book. Indeed, you show up as informant, lover and counselor.

    As a reader, I was startled to find my name and comment on pages 184 and 185: “It was meant for you to find this necklace at this time because you are struggling with your loss. Not many people experience long love. You were blessed to share a long love.” Isn’t it funny how consolation can wind up in a book such as Every Inch Love Will?

    Best Regards,

    Janice K. Neal-Vincent (Ph.D.)
    Author, Journalist, Consultant, Performance Artist


  10. 5.0 out of 5 stars Great Love Story!
    Reviewed in the United States on June 22, 2022

    Every couple desires love that will last forever. Every Inch Love Will is a testament of forever love. It is filled with the vibrant colors of the hills and valleys of life and love as the author gives us VIP access into her love journey with her forever love, Will. A great read indeed!


  11. Every Inch Love Will is both a modern and a timeless love story. I went through a range of emotions as I read this straight-from-the-heart chronicle of the lives of two very dear people. I laughed, I was touched, and I tried not to cry as I read this story – in Meredith’s voice. Will was good people and I know he would be very proud of what Meredith produced in his honor.

    Lynette Stafford

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