Saving the Manatees (Children’s Book)

Saving the Manatees (Children’s Coloring & Activity Book)

Saving the Manatees was written by JáNiya Williams while she was an elementary student in the Pensacola Florida School District.

This book describes how JáNiya started a “Save the Manatees Club” to help save manatees, an endangered species native to Florida.

Children can color the pictures, and complete a cursive writing, and sight word activity sheet at the end of the book. Parent participant is recommended.

JáNiya’s fourteen year old cousin, Calla Ridgeway illustrated the book.

JáNiya Williams is a fourth grader in Fayetteville, North Carolina. She is the youngest published author in her family. JáNiya’s Great Grandmother Hazel Janell Meredith converted her school project into this work. Grandma Hazel is a published author and a younger sister of Civil Rights icon James H. Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi September 30, 1962.

Calla Ridgeway is a ninth grade honor student at Lanier High School in Jackson, MS. She is the youngest illustrator of a published work in her family. Calla is a granddaughter of Hazel Janell Meredith and the great niece of James H. Meredith.

The e-book $2.99

A coloring and activity book $5.49.


Calla at the Farish Street Baptist Church Black Expo in Feb 2016

12 thoughts on “Saving the Manatees (Children’s Book)

  1. “Saving the Manatees” is a great book for early learners. It’s long enough to hold this age group’s attention. My son loves sea mammals. He will enjoy the coloring, sight word, and cursive writing activities. JaNiya and Calla will encourage other children to take the arts serious. Look how far they made it!


  2. I got my copy of ‘Saving The Manatees’ the other day. I want you to tell JaNiya and Calla what a great job that they both did with their first book. I am very proud of both of them!… it will stay just as it is in my book collection!

    Love Barbara (Daughter of Emmett Meredith)


  3. “Saving the Manatees” was a gift for our 9 year old son, Justice. We read along with him. Manatees is a brand new subject matter for Justice. He loves Dolphins, and identified right away with the manatee. He colored the pictures and enjoyed learning about this mammal. The sight word activity was nice, but he really enjoyed writing his name in cursive over and over again. The public schools in Mississippi don’t teach cursive writing anymore, so we appreciated this activity. Another thing. The book kept his attention from beginning to end. He finished reading, coloring, and the activities in one setting. He put his book in his book bag so he can take it to school to show his teacher. It was important to him because he and JaNiya are the same age.

    Justice and Shantae


  4. My kids love this book. My 7 year old loves to color and he loves mammals so this book has gotten his attention because he loves learning about new mammals. He went to school the next day to tell his teacher and all of his classmates what he learned about manatees. Great book!


  5. Loved “Saving the Manatees” JaNiya said, “Manatees lives matter.” It’s true. Mammals are important. Calla’s illustrations were crisp. Great story and coloring book about manatees. The sight word and cursive writing activity at the end of the book are a nice addition.


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