A half century ago, James Meredith turned the cries of “Never” upside down in Mississippi

http://blogs.clarionledger.com/jmitchell/2013/08/19/a-half-century-ago-james-meredith-turned-the-cries-of-never-upside-down/ By Jerry Mitchell, Clarion Ledger, Investigative Reporter

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  1. “James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him” is the only biography about this icon. It tells readers about the life and times of James Meredith in the context of the America that created he and his generation. Readers have noted that they appreciated learning about the childhood and upbringing of James Meredith, who integrated the University of Mississippi in 1962, launched the Walk Against Fear in 1966, and who has spent his life advocating for the rights of all Americans to a quality education.


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