Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant

Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant is a collection of illustrated poems and short stories by twin sisters: Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis.

Their poetry reflects their deep faith in God, their keen appreciation for humanity, their love for family, and their enduring spirit to dream big and stand tall.

The softback and hardback editions are in full color so readers can grasp the essence of their art illustrations. This book is available in black and white too.

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Author Loretha Wallace discusses her book Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant on Kixie Sunday Morning Magazine with Radio Host Lessie Hayes

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Hardback Full Color edition $25.00 Full Color Barnes & Noble

Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant by Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis


Softcover black & white edition 12/11/16 $6.92

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Entrepreneur, Madame C. J. Walker once said, “Don’t sit and wait for opportunities to come, you have to get up and make them.”

Co-authors and twin sisters, Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis have done just that with their creation of Tragedy, Yet Triumphant.

Their artistic volume contains motivational short, short stories and poetry. Readers will find that the co-authors believe in: 1. having a positive attitude, 2. maintaining respect for self and others, and 3. setting goals and having a plan to achieve those goals.

As one reads, one will realize that the authors have a rich, spiritual life. Throughout the book one is reminded to value faith even when things may not be moving in the direction that is desired.

They suggested giving the Almighty praise because all blessings come from Him. In fact, their writings proposed that there is no other way to live a decent life, except “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

The scientist/inventor, George Washington Carver, said “Most people search high and wide for keys to success. If they only knew the key to their dreams lies within.”

The stories and poetry in this book will inspire readers to dream, and follow their dreams to find success. 

J. Moffett Walker, Author/Poet, The Mississippi I Love

Advance Praise for Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant

Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant” is a must read! The title itself depicts a story of how one goes through the storm, but rises to victory! You may be poor monetarily; however you are rich in Spirit!

  • Rhemalyn Lewis-Williams, Author/Poet, Everlasting Love Poems

Twin sisters: Loretha and Loretta’s first book gives readers a collection of stories which celebrate as well as critique African American parental and spiritual conflicts which often alter family outcomes.

  • Meredith Coleman McGee, Author/Poet, Odyssey


  • Loretha Wallace illustrated Nashida, the main character in the children’s book, Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum. She is the author and illustrator of Tragedy, yet, Triumphant. She is a native of Jackson, Mississippi, the mother of four, and the grandmother of 11. She is a member of the Clinton Ink Slingers and Siwell Church of Christ, where she teaches Children’s Sunday School. Wallace attended Hinds Agricultural High School, Hinds Community College, and is a certified Childcare Professional.
  • Loretta Wallace Ellis is the author and illustrator of Tragedy, yet, Triumphant. Ellis is a member of Siwell Church of Christ, and a member of the Clinton Ink Slingers. She is the wife of Herbert Ellis, the mother of four, and the grandmother of seven. She was born and raised in Jackson, Mississippi. She attended Hinds Agricultural High School in Utica, Mississippi, and is a former healthcare professional.

ISBN: 9781538009666 Hardback (black & white) Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis received the “Triple Expression Award” December 23, 2016. Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant expresses three art forms: illustrated poetry, prose, and short stories.

9 thoughts on “Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant

  1. Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant is a great book! I enjoyed the captivating short stories and graceful poetry.


  2. “Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant” by twin sisters Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis includes two powerful short stories and a collection of illustrated poems and prose. The tale “Rich Man Lived Like a Poor Man” reminds readers that the faithful will be blessed with a long life. The second tale ” Emily and Jane were not their mother’s favorites” gives readers the story of two sisters who were slighted beyond reproach. Both girls desired love. Love was robbed from one sister, and the other choose death over life.


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