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3 hardback Nashida Books: Order three (3 volumes) hardback editions of Nashida: Visits (Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series). Copies in stock will be autographed. Vol 1 Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum (historical pictures, 54 pgs); Vol 2 Nashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol (chapter book, historical pictures, 90 pgs); Vol 3 Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol Museum (chapter book, historical pictures, Reconstruction, 80 pgs); Order three (3 volumes) softcover editions of Nashida: Visits (Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series). $20.42. Copies in stock may be autographed. email autographed request. buy Reverse Guilty Plea and The New Populist Party softcover gift set – for only $14.35. buy 2 hardback novellas Lily Darling and and The New Populist Party gift set – for only $33.48 1. Mary’s Story & Song by Mary Haralson Coleman with Starkishia. 2. Starkishia: Estrella by Starkishia. Although generations apart, Mary and Starkishia both married shortly after their 15th birthday. Great storytelling! Southern Jewel: The Elements Within by Ty A PATTERSON, coming of ages themes (128 pgs); Everlasting Love Poems by Rhemalyn Lewis Williams, relationship poems (52 pgs); and Tragedy, Yet Triumphant by Loretha Wallace and Loretta Wallace Ellis, poems, prose, and short stories (76 pgs). Death By Association Vol 1 Retaliation Vol 2 Deception (288 pgs) by Anthony Ellis and The Southern Phoenix (344 pgs) by Rosemary Jenkins My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise by Richard Hulse (194 pgs); and James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him by Meredith Coleman McGee (334 pgs) buy two (2) biographies Book Set – spoken word choir book and a collection of poems, speeches, and other writings. A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book (original poems, 129 pgs) 2020 by Janice Neal Vincent and Odyssey (poems, speeches, other writings, 260 pgs) 2018 by Meredith Coleman McGee. Great resources for music teachers, black history plays/programs

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