Nashida-2 (Children’s Book)

eBook $3.99

Nashida: Visits the Mississippi State Capitol

nashida 2   $6.99


Eight-year-old Nashida shares stories about the legacy of four former Mississippi governors including Andrew Longino (1900-1904); James Kimble Vardaman (1904-1908); Edmond Favor Noel (1908-1912); and Earl Leroy Brewer (1912-1916) with young readers. Nashida also describes the responsibilities of lawmakers in the context of her tour of the Mississippi State Capitol. Readers will learn how a bill becomes law and historical information about the state of Mississippi. Readers and learners will walk away with an understanding of how state laws impact theirs lives and the people who live in their communities.

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This is a wonderful and engaging children’s book. I found myself reading it in the voice of eight-year-old Nashida. Author Meredith Coleman McGee makes reading history fun again.

James Theres, Writer, Director and Producer

The 30th of May Documentary


This was a very informational children’s book narrated by an eight-year-old fictional character. I have been in Mississippi all my life and didn’t know all the history in this book. The Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Book Series will be an asset to teach children culture and history.

Jessica Meredith Knight,

Granddaughter of Moses Meredith

Daughter of James and Judy Meredith

9 thoughts on “Nashida-2 (Children’s Book)

  1. Dear Meredith,

    I read and enjoyed the book very much. Having mom and dad along for the ride, makes Nashida’s story more interesting. In particular, I like the way you deal with the racist issues and Jim Crow. Any kid who reads this book will receive an outstanding civics and history lesson about the State of Mississippi. Any adult who reads this book will receive an outstanding civics and history lesson. As usual, you bring manners and decency to Nashida’s story. Respect for all people is emphasized, as well. Donald Trump could benefit from reading this book…

    Happy Sunday,


  2. Personal name
    mcGee ,Coleman Meredith author.
    Main title
    Nashida : Visits the Mississippi state Capitol / By Meredith Coleman McGee.
    Jackson , Mississippi : IngramSpark 2017
    Available at the Library of Congress in the Jefferson and Adams Reading Room

  3. James
    5.0 out of 5 starsSuch a wonderful children’s book
    September 22, 2018
    Format: Paperback
    I really enjoyed this book, it’s perspective, and history. Loved how young Nashida share her passion and love for civics, government, and history. Well done to author Meredith McGee. Waiting to read more about Nashida.

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  5. DocLyne Ess Trey is excited about all of his new books. Using the time honored “Eenny Meeny Minny Mo Method, “Nashida Visits the Mississippi State Capitol” is the first of the Nashida series we are reading. We both read (alternate paragraphs) and we discussed vocabulary, Nashida’s friend Stacy’s sleepovers, boxing, watching TV during the week vs watching TV every day, and all kinds of things related to the intro we read.

    Had me thinking about The Kindergarten Chronicles and Gerry Brooks when reading with Little Ones.

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