Married to Sin (Memoir)


Married to Sin, a memoir written by Darlene D. Collier with Meredith C. McGee is a true story about hideous family secrets, redemption, and personal achievement. Collier’s  ‘tell all’ memoir leaves readers speechless.

Collier’s story reached back to slavery and its aftermath and resumes in the mid-twentieth century detailing decades of family dysfunction and abuse. Collier lost her mother at age three; a few years later, she and her siblings were removed from their home and ordered to live in a reform school. After being freed from reform school, Collier became a teenage bride – committed to a marriage of sinful degradation.

In the book’s forward, Dr. Vicki Barlow said:

…This heart breaking memoir about sexual and physical abuse brings you into a hidden world of poisonous family secrets and betrayals that are passed down from one generation to the next in a cycle of never ending despair. My work with victims of trauma has taught me how deadly these family secrets can be. But these family patterns can be broken so that the following generations may be free.

The story of the trauma must be brought to light and exposed before healing can begin, and having a client write a trauma narrative can be a powerful therapeutic process used by therapists trained to do this challenging work. Darlene Collier discovered this path of personal healing on her own and by sharing her story she has given the world a wonderful work that has the potential to benefit other victims…

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ISBN-13: 978-1467902465

ISBN-10: 1467902462

Library of Congress control number 2012429231

Married to Sin was added as a genealogical collection at the LOC (Washington, DC)

Casada al Pecado    forthcoming

Por Darlene D. Collier con Meredith C. McGee

Tranlated by Leopoldo Trevino


Me sentí halagada cuando se me pidió escribir un Adelanto para esta historia y supuse que era más por mi antecedente como psicoterapeuta que por cualquier habilidad literaria que yo pudiera poseer.  Estuve en lo correcto.  Darlene Collier empieza con los detalles históricos de su familia afroamericana y traza su árbol familiar hasta los días de esclavitud.  Su descripción de la vida en una comunidad rural sureña es fascinante y, a veces, horripilante, al documentar el abuso y trauma inter-generacional.  Ella vivió una vida de penurias con momentos de triunfo, y aplaudo su coraje.

Esta memoria rompecorazones sobre abuso físico y sexual te trae hacia un mundo escondido de secretos familiares venenosos y traiciones que son pasadas de una generación a otra en un ciclo de desesperanza sin fin.  Mi labor con víctimas de trauma me ha enseñado cuán mortales pueden ser estos secretos de familia.  Pero, estos patrones familiares pueden romperse para que las generaciones siguientes puedan ser libres…

Dra. Vickie Barlow, Psicoterapista

Costa del Golfo en Misisipí

19 thoughts on “Married to Sin (Memoir)

  1. This was a really great book i can relate to a couple of events that happen in my past life and this book really touched me and i learned some things also so.


  2. “Married to Sin” was a very good book. I wonder what happened to Junior and Rena since the book was written.


  3. Junior works, is in a healthy relationship, and Rena doesn’t live far from her mother. Both of her sons are with her mother. Her oldest son completed H.S. and works.


  4. It’s a good book! It was a great read! Once you started reading the book, you will NOT put it down. I read the entire thing cover to cover in one day. I would have liked a different ending. It gave me a great insight into how different women handle different situations. She did a lot of things differently than I would have.

    – Khadiya


  5. I read this book twice. The story grabs your attention and keeps it. This was a good first person narrative. I felt at times that Darlene was talking directly to me. The story was serious and witty at times. I hope Darlene Collier and her family are getting alone fine.



  6. I bought this book three years ago and finally read it recently on the plane. It was very well written. The story telling captured my attention from beginning to end. I admire Darlene Collier for telling readers about her family and I admire Meredith C. McGee for helping Mrs. Collier tell her story. The book teaches a lot of lessons. Great book!

    (Be careful who you fall in love with)



  7. “Married to Sin” is a suburb book. I have to take my hat off to Darlene. She loved her kids. She did what she could for them. I didn’t agree with all of her methods. But, by the end of the book, I feel in love with her. This book should be a best seller.

    Jean Collier, Jackson, Mississippi


  8. ★★★★★ from Top book review on November 12, 2018

    Great memoir about a woman’s transformation

    “Married to Sin” is a great tell-all memoir. Darlene went to hell and back. I didn’t agree with all of her methods but I respect her as a mother. She loved her children. In the end, I believe she learned to love herself. With a little push, she transformed herself….


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