My First Book Series

My First Book Series teaches children (ages 3 to 6):

Numbers, letters, short sentences, basic math, writing skills, vital information, sing-a-long songs, and coloring and critical thinking activities.

This six (6) volume book series is a preschool preparatory book and a resource and teaching aid for parents, grandparents, and day care teachers; all proceeds support the Community Library Mississippi of Jackson, Mississippi. Like us on Facebook print book, 206 pages, six (6) volumes…. New— Buy all six (6) volumes for $11.98 My First Book Series  $11.98 onsite purchase

My First Book Series includes all six (6) volumes under one cover

My 1 to 5 Activity Book Vol. 1, 42 pages

My A to G Activity Book Vol. 2, 21 pages

My H to P Activity Book Vol. 3, 49 pages

My 10 to 100 Activity Book Vol. 4, 31 pages

My 2 to 24 Activity Book Vol. 5, 36 pages

My Q to Z Activity Book Vol. 6, 56 pages My First Book Series Facebook

Write to us at: Community Library Mississippi, 1052 Maria Court, Jackson, MS 39204-5151

Mail contributions to:

Community Library Mississippi, 1052 Maria Court, Jackson, MS 39204-5151

For: Community Library Mississippi. Donate to our cause today!

9 thoughts on “My First Book Series

  1. I ordered MY 1 TO 5 ACTIVITY BOOK for my youngest grandson. I know he is going to love it. He is a very smart three year old.


  2. The six volume book series is a pre-school guide which teaches children skip counting, over 60 words, how to count to 100, and math concepts such as one dozen and addition. The print books is hands on offering children plenty of practice activities …writing, counting, and building critical thinking skills.


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