Mother Wit

Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker

New self-help book: Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker. (hardback standard color edition) $14.98 Mother Wit black & white interior $13.98 black & white interior Mother Wit, softcover, $7.74 + $3.50 shipping $11.24 order Mother Wit – softcover book from Meredith Etc @ $7.74 + $3.30 shipping = $11.04 Hathorn, Taylor McKay. Wednesday, March 31, 2021 11:30 a.m. CDT. A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rogers on ‘Mother Wit’

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Ms. Walker’s nephew posed with her over the Memorial Day weekend
"Mother Wit" a self-help by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker
Reader posed with her copy of “Mother Wit” a self-help book by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker
Irma Mae Rodgers Walker holding up a stack of newspapers which features her book “Mother Wit.”
A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rogers on ‘Mother Wit’ article Framed.
“A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rodgers on “Mother Wit” by Taylor McKay Hathorn see page 19
Meredith Coleman McGee, in mask, Irma Mae Rodgers Walker holding her books.
Irma Mae Rodgers Walker autographs her book preorders and lands her first hand sale.
** $14.98 + $5.50 Hardback color interior book
Video book release hosted by Meredith Coleman McGee, featuring Irma Mae Rodgers Walker
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Mother Wit softcover book $7.74 + $3.50 shipping = $11.74
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Order the softcover edition of Mother Wit now $7.74
Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker
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Advance praise for Mother Wit

In a fascinating book, Mother Wit, Irma Mae Rodgers Walker offers solutions to family units experiencing problems. Her timeless and proven methods of successful family development and cohesiveness captivates the reader and moves the heart.

William Trest Jr. Author, Reverse Guilty Plea and The New Populist Party

Mother Wit is filled with sage advice that is practical and timeless. It can be used as a conversation starter for anyone wanting to discuss life lessons, from the younger generation seeking advice to the older generation sharing advice. You will enjoy the bits and bites this book has to offer.

Lynette Stafford, The Magical Storybook Lady, Radio Personality, Greenville, MS

Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers is a quick and enjoyable read. It’s food for the soul- chock full of bible-based nutrients for a strong marriage and thriving family unit.

S.P.I.R.I.T., Author, Heaven Can You Hear Me and No Condemnation

Chapter One – Marriage

You can buy a picture that says, “Live, Love, and Laugh” for a few dollars. But when we put those three words into practice, we spread joy and happiness. Happy wife, happy life! Happy husband, happy home! Let love grow strong!”

Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, Quote


Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, a family matriarch, is a talented and optimistic unlicensed counselor. Walker offers readers advice about teenage pregnancy, parenting, marriage, relationships, and happiness based on her life lived experiences.  

Walker’s parents Woodrow and Lucille Rogers migrated from rural Mississippi to the city when Irma was a baby. Though Mr. Woodrow had a fulltime job as a custodian at the VA Hospital, the family was poor and marginalized. Walker’s parents split up when she was very young; she and her 14 siblings were raised by a single mother in Jackson, Mississippi. To her credit, Ms. Lucille instilled pride, honesty, and religion in her children.

The Rodgers learned how to make lemonade from the lemons in their lives. The children improvised to produce entertainment and laughter. If other girls in the neighborhood had paper dolls, Irma and her sisters studied the design and made imitations. Her brothers gathered scraps and made go-cars and swings.

By 1972 Irma became a teenager mother. Irma’s parents and family were disappointed. They envisioned Irma being the first in their family to attend college which they saw as a path to advance in society. Life was not a bed of beautiful roses; but Walker found her way and has inspired others.

Mother Wit is a testament of the value of a mother’s astute faculties. Ms. Walker is wise. Read her book.

By Meredith Coleman McGee, Publisher, Acquisition Editor, Author

Meredith Etc –

Meredith Etc 5.0 out of 5 stars self-help book packed with goodies for families Reviewed in the United States on February 17, 2021

This self-help book is packed with goodies for every member of the family from the preteen to those considering marriage to couples. This is a quick, yet relevant read. Great book for school reports. The author encourages morality and unity through practical motherly advice.

6 thoughts on “Mother Wit

  1. I wrote this book based on my experience. I’m excited. I’m happy with the advance praise by other authors and people in the community. My book chapters cover marriage, self esteem, appreciation, cleanliness, preteen issues, family relationships, and forgiveness; Couples and different family members will enjoy my book. A teacher purchased a preorder today. She plans to read Mother Wit with her preteen grandchild.

    Buy my book! Leave a comment. I can’t wait to read your comments. Thank you. Irma Mae Rodgers Walker

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  2. MOTHER WIT is a good book with a variety of info including important personal hygiene education … which is good in the Pandemic.

    Vickie Jenkins

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  3. I am Ms Irma Mae Rodgers Walker,I am so happy to have my picture in the Jackson Free press new paper article, and my books.I am asking everyone to leave a comment, about my book.


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