A new “Saving the Manatees” fan

Mother (Brandi) of seven year old Saving the Manatees fan shared photos of him reading, coloring, and doing the activities in his copy of Saving the Manatees. A recent Facebook informed us that he enjoyed his book so much he took it school last week and shared it with his teachers and classmates. Below are some of the pictures his mother took of him reading, coloring, and completing the sight word and other activities in the book. Thank you for sharing. www.meredithetc.com https://meredithetc.com/saving-the-manatees/


He’s reading and learning about a new mammal.


Big bro is helping out




completing the sight words


2 thoughts on “A new “Saving the Manatees” fan

  1. I talked with your mother tonight and she asked me to read about this on your blog.

    I’m proud to hear about the work you enjoy so well

    Greetings to all.



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