What’s new at Meredith Etc family of books?

Meredith Etc, a small press in Jackson, Mississippi, released six (6) books this year: “Flight of a Saint,” a mini-biography by Mary Haralson Coleman; “Juneteenth: Freedom Day,” a children’s book; “Midnight Moon,” a novel, and “Every Inch Love Will,” a memoir by Meredith Coleman McGee; “I Learn to Read,” a children’s book by Gwendolyn Maberry Bell; and “No Recipe Intended,” poems/short stories by Shirley Francis. Meredith Coleman McGee is the publisher. There are 20 authors @ Meredith Etc.

Book are available wherever you buy books. Buy now from @ https://meredithetc.com/.

https://py.pl/1mhH9e Flight of a Saint, a mini-biography of J.D. Coleman by Mary Haralson Coleman.

View the full list below. Happy shopping! Happy reading!

https://meredithetc.com/ shop now!

https://meredithetc.com/ shop now! happy reading!

Why Redistricting Matters to Mississippians by Meredith Coleman McGee

Redistricting Editorial by Meredith Coleman McGee makes rounds in Mississippi’s print media.

McGee, Meredith Coleman. “Why redistricting matters to Mississippians.” The Mississippi Link. July 28-August 3, 2022. Local. 15.

McGee, Meredith Coleman. “Why redistricting matters to Mississippians.” Jackson Advocate. July 28-August 3, 2022. Editorial. 8A

Enjoyed Summer Book Fest at the Afrikan Art Gallery on Farish St.

Summer Book Fest at the Afrikan Art Gallery on Farish St. was fun.

“I enjoyed meeting children and their parents and learning which books readers preferred,” Meredith Coleman McGee noted.

Thanks dad for the books.
Gwendolyn Mayberry Bell
Thanks grandma! Grandma wanted her grands to learn how to write in cursive.

Gwendolyn Maberry Bell, We Will Ministries Employee, and Meredith Coleman McGee

Jessica Meredith and Meredith Coleman McGee

Spoken Word Artist Black Fire and Meredith Coleman McGee

Farish & Monument St. Jackson, MS