Community Development Instructor & Asian Warrior Isao Fujimoto honored

Dear Isao,  Here is a short tribute to you, which doesn’t do justice to the occasion, but I wanted to send a message.  The fact that you share a life history of oppression, chose to attend Howard University, and continue to reach out locally, nationally and internationally, are among the other elements that make you so admirable and such an appropriate member of RDLN’s Board of Directors.

Since Isao Fujimoto first welcomed the Rural Development Leadership Network to UC Davis in 1985 for our month-long Rural Development Institute for rural activists and community builders from diverse backgrounds, culturally, geographically, and programmatically, all our members 

have been thrilled to work with him and have appreciated his insights about rural communities as well as his personal warmth, humor, and enthusiasm.  On our first visit, his home was a community center, with literature and demonstration projects, including the raising of bees.  He noted that being a good neighbor did not always permit such activities in a suburb like Davis.  We were are amazed by the many progressive organizations and improvements in Davis that came from his work, like the food coop, the bike paths, and the Community Development program on campus. He thrived in an academic setting, but gave priority to community work, setting a great example for community leaders everywhere.

Starry Krueger, President, Rural Development Leadership Network

Isao Fujimoto was the former instructor of Meredith Coleman at the month long institute at UC Davis, Davis, CA in May to June of 1998.

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