Books for Children’s Book Week – May 1-7

Meredith Etc Children’s Book Selections for

Children’s Book Week – May 1-7

BookCoverImage My 1 to 5 Activity Book (ages 3 – 4) My 1 to 5 Activity Book (ages 3 – 4) Nashida Audio Book

Meredith Etc Christmas & Award Reception Dec 23 2016

Meredith Etc recognized the literary contributions of authors and a neighbor yesterday during its 2nd Christmas Award program December 23, 2016 from 5:00 to 8:00 p.m. 

2016 Award Recipients:

  1. Mary Haralson Coleman, Living Legend – New Author Historic Figure Award for her lifework which includes: her memoir Mary’s Story & Song which reveals new revelations about the Jim Crow southShe founded an institution: Trendsetters and Barbering School, and is a recorded Gospel Artist, a gospel group leader, and the first female barber in the State of Mississippi. 
  2. Rev. Dr. Louis Black Hathorn, Best Book Release Party 2015-2016 for his book Social Justice and Christianity
  3. Loretha Wallace, Triple Expression Award for Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant
  4. Loretta Wallace Ellis, Triple Expression Award for Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant
  5. Starkishia, Author Excelling Award for Starkishia: Estrella and Mary’s Story & Song
  6. Richard Hulse, Compelling Biography Award for My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise
  7. Calla Ridgeway, Teen Illustrator Award for Saving the Manatees
  8. JaNiya Williams, Caring Story Award for Saving the Manatees
  9. Dr. Rhemalyn Lewis-Williams, Most Pre-orders in 2016 for Everlasting Love Poems
  10. Anthony Ellis, Gripping Characterization – Well Plotted Novel for Death by Association Vol I Retaliation Vol II Deception
  11. Meredith Coleman McGee, Most Valuable Player for acquiring quality book titles
  12. Henry Hendrix, Community Service Award for block cleanup efforts and allowing authors to use his Flower Garden for a photo shoot

Meredith Etc books preserved at state library

The Mississippi Department of Archives and History (MDAH) accepted the following books: “Mary’s Story & Song” by Mary Haralson Coleman with Starkishia; “Social Justice and Christianity” by Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn; “My Brother J-Boy” by Hazel Janell Meredith; “Saving the Manatees” by JaNiya Wiliams, illustrated by Calla Ridgeway; and “Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum,” “James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him” and “Odyssey” by Meredith Coleman McGee to preserve as archival resources.

MDAH, headquartered in the William F. Winter Archives and History Building on North Street near the Old Capitol Museum, was established in 1902. Visitors from around the world visit the MDAH to conduct research on Mississippi history.

We’re proud the works listed above have become a part of the State’s permanent collections.