Support Women Authors during Women’s History Month

Support Women Authors at Meredith Etc during Women’s History Month

Women authors at Meredith Etc listed by age..

Mary Haralson Coleman, age 90. Author of mini-biography Flight of a Saint and memoir Mary’s Story & Song.

Hazel Janell Meredith, age 84, Author of My Brother J-Boy, Trip into the Enchanted Forest
Shirley Francis, Author, No Recipe Intended
Gwendolyn Mayberry Bell, Author, I Learn to Read
Meredith Coleman McGee, author of 12 books

Teacup Memories by Rose Humphrey Burkett

Rosemary Jenkins, Author, Juvenile Offenders, and The Southern Phoenix

Janice Neal-Vincent, Author, A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir Book

Rhemalyn Lewis, Author, Everlasting Love Poems

Loretha Wallace and Loretta Walace Ellis, Author, Tragedy Yet, Triumphant

Stakishia, Author, Starkishia: Estrella
Ty A. PATTERSON, Author, Southern Jewel: The Elements Within
Malesha Smith, Author, Lily Darling

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