Meredith Etc, a small press, Jackson, MS launched three books this week. 

Happy reading in 2022 😎 Meredith Etc, a small press, Jackson, MS launched three books this week. 
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Meredith Coleman McGee completed a memoir Every Inch Love Will on my late husband and her 10th and 1st novel Midnight Moon

Shirley Francis completed her first book No Recipe Intended, a collection of poems and short stories. 

Every Inch Love Will, a memoir, about William E. McGee Jr., a Shaky Oaks legend, by Meredith Coleman McGee
Every Inch Love Will is a miraculous memoir dedicated to and written for a magnificent man. This book tells a story of true love and devotion which spanned over 23 years. Will and Meredith shared an unbreakable bond that tested time. Throughout their marriage, they faced many trials. However, they held onto each other and challenged the world as one.$20.98 buy the hardcover black and white interior edition $10.24 buy the softcover black and white interior edition $20.98 softcover full color interior edition softcover full color interior live on Amazon — Free ebook download promotion

MIDNIGHT MOON by Meredith Coleman McGee

Midnight Moon, a novel, set in Midnight, Humphreys County, Mississippi in the 1980s in the Mississippi Delta in the heart of Catfish land, explores close childhood friendships in the context of a tightknit community. The hard work of the young friends brings the community together by setting a precedent for others to admire and follow. softcover 

$9.48 hardcover $17.24 eBook, Midnight Moon, a novel

NO RECIPE INTENDED, poems and short stories by Shirley Francis

No Recipe Intended is a collection of 57 poems and seven short stories by Florida Writer Shirley Francis. This anthology is edgy. This work is not for the faint at heart. The characters pop off the pages into full view. Shirley Francis’s themes, drawn from her diverse travels, are for mature readers as the pages herein includes love, faithfulness, lust, revenge as well as kinky relationships, perverse sexual encounters, and racial violence. The characters pop off the pages into full view. Readers beware. Brace yourselves for alarming and surprising endings. pre-order No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis – hardback edition. 57 poems, 7 short stories, 99 pages $16.98 No Recipe Intended by Shirley Francis – softcover edition. 57 poems, 7 short stories, 99 pages $9.88

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