New self-help book “Mother Wit” softcover edition is live

New self-help book “Mother Wit” by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker is live. Order the softcover edition now! Great for teenagers. Teachers recommend high school and college students read it. A must read for couples, parents, and school counselors.

Advance praise for Mother Wit

In a fascinating book, Mother Wit, Irma Mae Rodgers Walker offers solutions to family units experiencing problems. Her timeless and proven methods of successful family development and cohesiveness captivates the reader and moves the heart.

William Trest Jr. Author, Reverse Guilty Plea and The New Populist Party

Mother Wit is filled with sage advice that is practical and timeless. It can be used as a conversation starter for anyone wanting to discuss life lessons, from the younger generation seeking advice to the older generation sharing advice. You will enjoy the bits and bites this book has to offer.

Lynette Stafford, Radio Personality, The Magical Storybook Lady, Greenville, MS

Mother Wit by Irma Mae Rodgers is a quick and enjoyable read. It’s food for the soul – chock full of bible-based nutrients for a strong marriage and thriving family unit.

S.P.I.R.I.T., Author , Heaven Can You Hear Me and No Condemnation

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