RDLN graduate C.J. Jones’ homegoing

Dear RDLN Network Members,

Here belatedly are some photos from RDLN graduate C.J. Jones’ homegoing ceremony.
     Senator Robert Jackson (RDLN Leader, Group II, who was CJ’s roommate at the RDLN Institute) drove 3 hours to be at the ceremony, after driving 6 hours the day before from the Gulf coast to his home in Lambert, MS, and during the same period of time he was able to assemble a resolution by the Mississippi State Senate honoring CJ and his work.  Robert was a speaker at the ceremony, acknowledging CJ’s wonderful life.  
    Alice Paris (RDLN graduate, Group 5) was there with her husband George, and George’s brother, the Rev. Wendell Paris, who spoke at the ceremony (as a “Friend”.).  Billie Jean Young, JD, RDLN founding Chairwoman, was slated to speak (as a “Collaborator”), but was unable to attend.
    It was also great to see RDLN graduate Meredith McGee (Group VII) with her mother Hazel Hall and Meredith’s former colleague at the Mississippi Association of Cooperatives, Melbah Smith, who retired a few years ago from her organization Coalition for a Prosperous Mississippi.  Melbah’s husband Charles Smith is an artist who was part of our 2015 Assembly at Piney Woods School in Mississippi, where he displayed and sold his art..
    At CJ’s ceremony, resolutions were read from a number of organizations, like Veterans of the Civil Rights Movement and the Federation of Southern Cooperatives.  We were glad that FSC’s statement referred to CJ’s involvement with RDLN.
As Meredith said, it was a good family reunion.
     Here are tributes previously received from RDLN graduates Cynthia Ellis and Emma Dixon.
Condolences to RDLN family and the family of brother C J Jones.
    He was one of my first connects with RDLN.
He went to meet me at the airport/ Many times in life we meet unforgettable people.
    He have a kindred spirit/ With a twinkle in his eye he would give me feedback about RDLN and all our special personalities and especially our mother Starry whom he loved dearly.
    In this season of our lives we see people come and go and there is a longing and an aching to embrace the familiar and the comforting and the love and the precious times. Yet we  earn to let go and let God.
You know memories do not leave like people do and CJs memory is the unforgettable.
   He encouraged me at the outset when I felt overwhelmed in the program. Helped me to walk through doors that never seemed possible and to dream the impossible dream.
Tomorrow is not promised so let us keep loving each other today.

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