Just don’t by Willa Coleman Ridgeway

Just don’t

Don’t stunt my growth; don’t stop it up.

Don’t make me pump my brakes.

Accelerate my speed, let me get where I need to be.

Don’t put my hope on freeze.

I got somewhere to be.

Don’t hold me back.

Don’t break my momentum.

Let me enjoy full speed until I no longer need to go forward,

And I find where I need to be.

Just don’t hinder me, don’t take away from what is good for me.

Don’t tell me what’s not meant for me, just don’t.

Willa Coleman Ridgeway, AKA, Reya Peach, Poet/Lyricist, Status Move (CD)

Odyssey by Meredith Coleman McGee

Prelude by Willa Coleman Ridgeway


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