Thankful for new Meredith Etc readers

BookCoverImageThankful for new Meredith Etc readers. This week a new reader purchased the Kindle edition of My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise by Richard Hulse and we are thankful. This book touches a hot button issue, as it is a biography about Hollywood actor Bo Hulse who took an overdose of prescription drugs. Trying to save Bo turned into a nightmare for the Hulse family. My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise

We are thankful that another child is using the My A to G Activity Book which was written by Meredith Coleman McGee, Hazel Janell Meredith, Danielle Bogan, Starkishia Rountree, and Brenda Hyde. Loretha Wallace illustrated most of the art. 

This past Saturday, a writer donated funds so a child in Jackson could obtain a free copy My A to Gof My A to G Activity Book which is volume 2 of My First Book Series. A local parent accepted the book funds and downloaded the book to her home computer for her son. Meredith Etc sponsored the publication of this children’s book series is prepares children for kindergarten.

All proceeds will benefit the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi. My A to G Activity Book

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