O’Bannon H.S. Black History Program

Mary Haralson Coleman, who turned 84, Sunday February 27th, was the guest speaker for O’Bannon High School’s Black History Program, Friday, February 24, 2017 in Greenville, Mississippi. Ms. Coleman is the recipient of the “Living Legend: New Author Historic Figure” award. She lived during the Great Depression, in the Jim Crow south, and during the Civil Rights Movement.

The 7th graders in the audience were reading Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry last week, and were stunned when Ms. Mary mentioned living some of the experiences they read in their historic fiction book. They enjoyed a lively Q & A session in their classroom afterward. Delta Democrat Times writer Catherine Kirk wrote an article “Author to discuss living during Civil Rights Movement” about Ms. Coleman.

WABG News 6 ran two television spots on the events. Ms. Mary said smiling, “They treated me like a queen.” The school superintendent, Larry Green, attended the event, purchased hardback and softback books and is putting copies of Mary’s Story & Song in all four high schools in Greenville. At Noon Meredith Coleman McGee and Starkishia (the co-author of Mary’s Story & Song) joined Ms. Coleman at the Book Gallery for an author panel. Kathyn B. Thompson broke the book purchasing record. She is a true book lover. Bless her heart. The Hardy’s, the students, the media, and everyone was warm. The authors love Greenville.

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