Book promotions tips

Focus on the core social networking sites—Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn—and start building a presence there.

Once you’ve done that, consider starting a blog. It’s much easier than you might think—in fact; plenty of services do most of the work for you.

Then be sure to maintain your online profile regularly. You can have fun doing it, while also growing your fan base…and your royalty rate.

So, start spreading the word. Build a profile, make connections, promote yourself and your work, and start selling more books. It’s not hard, and the financial reward for your efforts can be big.

Terms to Know

A blog is a website or page that is essentially a public journal. Typically blogs are updated often, (even as much as once a day), and you can use them to share whatever information about your life or your work that you choose. You don’t have to be a coder to have a blog—plenty of services make these sites easy to build and update.

A tweet is a short message—140 characters at most—that is sent via Twitter.

Widgets are the small icons that you see on web pages—the Facebook logo is a common one. They are a simple way to bring the functionality of other applications right onto your blog or website. By clicking the widget, your reader can do something—watch a YouTube video, see a photo—directly on your site or blog, without having to navigate elsewhere.

Tags help classify online information—information like your blog posts or pages and your videos on YouTube. A tag is simply a word or short phrase (or a collection of words and phrases) that you attach to a page, post, photo, or video. That word or phrase describes your content, so that it is easily found when users are browsing or searching. For example, if you went to see a performance of Shakespeare in the Park and wrote about it on your blog, you might tag your post: “theater, Shakespeare, outdoor performances, Central Park, free,” and perhaps also tag a few of the actors’ names.

A podcast is a type of broadcast: It’s a digital recording of audio or video, released regularly and made available online for users to download to their personal iPod or other portable player.

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