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Meredith Coleman McGee (Meredith C. McGee) is the co-author of Married to Sin  the author of James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him, a professional writer for Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc, and a contributing writer for The Jackson Advocate. Websites:

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  1. 200 miles for the poor and powerless

    James Meredith’s Historic 200 Mile Walk for the Poor kicked off, Sunday, May 24, 2009 in front of New Zion M.B. Church on Old Hwy. 61. S. in Tunica, MS.
    The weather was windy as a result of a recent rain, when the walkers were lining up, but the sky cleared before 1:00 pm and a few minutes later, James Meredith and his wife, Dr. Judy Alsobrooks Meredith, led a group of walkers up Old Hwy. 61 S. to Hwy 4. As the walkers passed through the business district, the residents were given bookmarks that read, “I witnessed the Historic James Meredith 200 Mile Walk for the Poor Kick-Off.

    Sis. Maureen Delaney and a friend had driven from Tutwiler to attend the kick-off. They and several local nuns caught up with the walk in progress. Motorists stopped and allowed the walkers to pass with great reverence. Tunica residents forty years of age and older had heard of James Meredith, but even those who were not familiar with his place in Mississippi history had a lot of respect for his mission for the poor.

    Most walk participants slowed down from exhaustion after walking five or six miles, but Meredith and his brother, Arthur Meredith, kept a steady pace ahead without stopping to take a break. They were physically fit for walking, having exercised regularly for years; when they were children they lived in a rural community in Kosciusko, MS and walked one hour to school and one hour from school. Though, Meredith broke down Mississippi’s color barrier to higher learning in 1962, the poor in today’s world do not always have access to a quality education, a reminder that the fight for a better world must continue.

    A ten or twelve mile walk was a breeze for Meredith, even at age 75. Most of the younger walkers took rest breaks and were driven in one of several cars close by to catch back up with the group. As the walkers passed the business district, they saw flat land occupied with scattered buildings, some abandoned, and others in good condition.

    The children were captivated with the sight of road kill, which included a snake, a bird, a frog, and the skeleton bones of a dog. Many scenes were filmed by Clay Haskell and Dylan Nelson who travelled to Tunica from Los Angeles, CA to film the Kick-Off activities. Haskell and Nelson, owners of Other Paw Productions, LLC, are developing a film on James Meredith and his impact on Mississippi.

    During an Evening Gathering in Senatobia, MS at the Lillian Garden Community Homecoming, Darmyra Perry said in her introduction of James Meredith, “Mr. Meredith is no stranger to us in North, MS.” Perry went on to note some of Meredith’s accomplishment including his Walk Against Fear which he launched 43 years ago. His importance is visually noticeable at the school he integrated to Perry’s relatives, who currently attend Ole Miss, because Meredith is honored in the form of a Civil Rights Memorial where a life size 6’2 bronze statue stands depicting him walking. However, Meredith’s page in the history books are becoming lost to a new generation of youth, who are not aware that he paved the way for blacks and non-whites to pursue medical and law degrees in the state of Mississippi when he integrated the University of Mississippi, October 1, 1962. Filmmaker, Emmanuel Alexandre Jr., a New York City resident, filmed the Evening Gathering in Senatobia. He is also developing a film on Meredith and hopes to expose more people to the life work of James Meredith. Perry believes James Meredith’s 200 Mile Walk for the Poor will have a significant impact on the future of this state. Tate County residents agree.

    On Memorial Day, Meredith, a veteran, who served in the Air Force from 1952 -1960, was walking for the poor. Katherine Nelson, a Jackson resident said, “He [James Meredith] is still pulling for us. He still has helping his people on his mind.” Eighty-two year old, Nelson plans to join the Walk when it reaches Jackson. While communities await Meredith’s arrival, historians are filming and writing his legacy.

    By Meredith C. McGee
    McGee is the co-author of Married to Sin . She is a niece of James Meredith, who served as the media coordinator for the Walk. She is a professional writer and graphic designer for Typing Solutions Résumés & Etc and the website administrator for Heirsskymall.com Inc. Send comments and or view historic video footage of James Meredith online: http://www.meredithetc.biz.


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    I’m interested in hearing other publishing stories.


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