Thank you for purchasing “Woman Preach.”

Thank you for purchasing “Woman Preach” by the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn. This well researched book sheds light on society’s gradual acceptance of women preachers. Some leaders of the cloth continue to reject women leaders. It took centuries for women had to gain the right to speak in public and the right to stand in the pulpit.

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“Woman Preach” hits the marketplace

Readers are discovering our new book release – Woman Preach. Traditionally, the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn was a hand to hand book salesman. As I indicated in the Foreword, I know his smile has touched the clouds. He was proud to be an author, and now his works are reaching readers online beyond his local base. Blessings to new readers.

Kindle readers digging into “Woman Preach”

On behalf of the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, Meredith Etc appreciates new e-readers who have downloaded Woman Preach, an important textbook about the advancement of women from the church pews to into the pulpit.

This book highlights the 1848 Women Rights Conference, women’s resistance against their low status in U.S. Society up the popular modern female preachers like Anne Graham Lotz the daughter of Rev. Billy Graham… softcover $7.99 Kindle eBook $2.99 $16.99 Hardcover with dust jacket