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Happy Reading!

tsre biz card 2015 thank youHappy reading to the Kindle readers who are reading The Southern Phoenix, My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise, Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant, Starkishia: Estrella, My 1 to 5 Activity Book, and Married to Sin.

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Dozens of Kindle plugged into “The Southern Phoenix”

Southern Phoenix Product PageHappy reading to the Kindle readers have downloaded “The Southern Phoenix,” an historical fiction masterpiece by Rosemary Jenkins.

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by Ronald Patterson

southern phoenix cover jpeg 2Despite my serving time in prison for the last 38 years (I was sentenced at the age of 16), I do a lot of reading, especially non-fiction and historical fiction. “The Southern Phoenix” by Rosemary Jenkins is labeled a work of historical fiction but every word comes to life as real and true. It has become a valuable addition to my library and a treasured gift, with scenes I love to describe and share with others. As a Black man, I know that many of us don’t know our own history.

For many of those who are aware of our past, that knowledge is often too painful, so this book is an important tool on our life’s journey to learn about ourselves and understand each other. The title and cover art to me are very symbolic. The reader is redirected spiritually toward the light which makes vision possible, reminding us that light represents truth. Light shines equally on all of us regardless of color or environment or race. Ms. Jenkins is unique in her ability to reflect that light in the truths that unfold in her book. The idea of the phoenix rising from the depths of despair to the light of wisdom and certainty is something we can or should all relate to.

The Southern Phoenix is a valuable contribution not just to Black history but to the history of all of us with all our shared and separate experiences. What is precious about it is the possibilities it offers for dialogue among those who read it– discussions that teach and opportunities that assist in learning. Pearls of wisdom are found within for those who seek to find them. This book deals honestly with how races– Black and white– have interacted with each other over time– past and present.

I highly recommend it to all readers.

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New review “The Southern Phoenix”

THE SOUTHERN PHOENIX: Review by a correspondent, AAF, California State Prison: 

I was thoroughly impressed by The Southern Phoenix by Rosemary Jenkins.  Her style evokes every emotion in the reader–from happiness to anger to sadness to empathy and nostalgia.  The story was absolutely touching, motivating, and informative.  The language took me some time to get used to at first, because of the challenge which comes with understanding an accurate Southern accent, but once I was able to grasp the inflections of Miss Mae Emma, I had a much smoother time at reading the book.  The scene of Miss Mae Emma talking with Udeka Yawfe brings back memories of my grandmother who would stay up with me long into the night, telling stories about her childhood in Alabama.  Ba’ Bro’s life is the classic story of a man whose suffering and hardships turned him into a successful man.  One of the most touching parts of the book is Ba’ Bro’s emotional eulogy for his friend.  I like how Ms. Jenkins was able to relate relevant social themes by having an adult speak to a child in simple enough terms so that the child (any child) can understand without insulting a child’s intelligence.  The very fact that an adult is having such heavy conversations with such a young person is evidence of the respect that all adults should show towards young people.  This book is a good read for everybody so I highly recommend it!

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The Southern Phoenix

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My First Book Series (5 out of 6 volumes) which support the Community Library Initiative

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