Meredith Etc donates books to Lanier High School’s library

Meredith Etc donates books to Lanier High School’s library

Book Donation to Lanier High School in Jackson, Mississippi


Starkishia: Estrella (memoir) on Sale

I learned something new about Mexican culture and life at Starkishia’s recent Book Talk at the Richland Library that was not recorded in her memoir.

Starkishia Estrella Product PageIn America we have charity hospitals, HUD… There is no charity in Mexico. Family and the money earned from hard work is all you have.

The author noted that male dominance over women is sharp which complicated her already troubled teen marriage… This point was noteworthy since the teen’s decision to leave the marriage was extremely consequential and definitely life changing.


Meredith Coleman McGee trade paperback $10.49 eBook $3.88 


black expoSAT. JUNE 23, 2017. 10 AM TO 2 PM. Meredith Etc authors including Mary Haralson Coleman, Meredith Coleman McGee, Starkishia, William Trest Jr. are displaying and selling their books at the BLACK AUTHORS ON THE RISE EXPO.

This event is sponsored by Jackson Cash & Carry Fresh Food Market, 3520 Terry Rd. Jackson, MS 39212 and XAS Photography which is owned by Xavier Smith. She will be on hand photographing the event. For more information call 601.376.9327.

My 1 to 5 Activity Book now available in Kindle

My 1 to 5 Activity Book 

Kindle Book is live! $2.99
a preparatory book for children 3 to 5

Fundraising book for the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi

The Community Library Initiative is a very worthy cause!

Buy print copies of My 1 to 5 Activity Book now!

The Community Library Initiative is a very worthy cause! Volunteers are welcome!

BookCoverImageAll book proceeds will support the planning and building funds for the Community Library Initiative of Jackson, Mississippi.

The Community Library Initiative seeks to create an independent library system which will empower disadvantaged children by developing their intellect through diverse library reading programs, plays, and activities. 

There will also be space for local artists and authors to promote and sell their wares.

Mail contributions to: Heirsskymallcom Inc., 1052 Maria Court, Jackson, MS 39204-5151  c/o: Community Library Initiative.

Donate today!