Meredith Etc, a small press and online retailer, at a glance

Meredith Etc, a small press and online retailer, at a glance

National Book Lovers Day 8/9/19

Crack open a good book on National Book Lovers Day. Nashida: Visits Mississippi’s Old Capitol Museum

James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him – 2019 Death By Association Vol 1 Retaliation Vol 2 Deception

Meredith Etc donates books to Lanier High School’s library

Meredith Etc donates books to Lanier High School’s library

Book Donation to Lanier High School in Jackson, Mississippi


“Social Justice and Christianity” is Live

BookCoverPreview (4)Social Justice and Christianity by Rev. Dr. Louis B. Hathorn Jr. is Live. Order a print copy now! $11.99


Reverend Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, Jr. tackles the influence of Christianity on social change challenges in American history from Colonial America of the 17th and 18th Century to the continuing human rights struggles of the 21st Century.

He drew on his personal experiences as a pastor of over 40 years at Sweet Home MB Church of Lexington, Mississippi. He is a veteran activist for civil rights in a state known for its historic oppression of African Americans, other minorities and its indigenous Native Americans.

Social Justice and Christianity lays out the dichotomy within the Christian church, also found in other religions, between the repressive policies resulting in grave injustice opposing the principles of love, forgiveness and non-violence…

By. Rev. G. David Singleton


Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, Jr. converted his dissertation, a comprehensive study on Christian leadership and social justice change into this book. His next work, Woman Preach which sanctions ordaining females, is forthcoming.

He has been the shepherd of Sweet Home M.B. Church in Lexington for over four decades. He is also the pastor of Mt. Sinai M.B. Church in Louisville.

He urges his congregation to support non-violent civil disobedient causes, he disperses love and charity liberally, and serves on non-profit boards in Holmes and Winston Counties.