A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rogers on ‘Mother Wit’

https://www.jacksonfreepress.com/news/2021/mar/31/mothers-advice-irma-mae-rogers-mother-wit/ A Mother’s Advice: Irma Mae Rogers on ‘Mother Wit’ By Taylor McKay Hathorn.

Jackson Free Press reporter Taylor McKay Hathorn gives readers background information via a Q&A about the author of a new self-help book “Mother Wit” by Irma Mae Rodgers Walker.

Irma Mae Rodgers Walker, Author, new self-help book, “Mother Wit.”

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Announcing hardback color interior of “MOTHER WIT” By Irma Mae Rodgers Walker

Announcing hardback color interior edition of “MOTHER WIT” By Irma Mae Rodgers Walker. Parents buy this self-help book for yourself and your teenagers. Read it with your teen, your partner, your spouse, or your class. Perfect conversation starter!