Meredith Etc publisher proudly displayed and sold books and wares at the Mississippi Black Business Expo. 08.21.21

Meredith Etc publisher Meredith Coleman McGee proudly displayed and sold books and wares at the Mississippi Black Business Expo. 08.21.21, Jackson Convention Center, Jackson, Mississippi

My Picture Dictionary in the hands of early learners
My Picture Dictionary
Mother Wit in the hands of a new Mississippi reader
Mississippi Black Business Vendor displays her new tote made by Hazel Janell Meredith (Hall)
Gwen Mayberry take home Woman Preach by the late Rev. Louis Blake Hathown
Mississippi Black Business Expo Vendor Meredith Etc

Signing Day for Meredith Etc & Irma Rodgers Walker

I was happy and felt privileged to acquire another manuscript earlier today for publication. Irma Rodgers Walker, a South Jackson resident is a native of Sharkey County, Mississippi in the Delta. Walker imparts mother wit treasures in her upcoming work. Irma Rodgers Walker is the author of “It Starts with the Parents,” which was published in 2013. As the eighth of 15 children, Walker learned early in life that the common sense of mothers is valuable.

Signing Day with Meredith Etc, represented by Publisher/Acquisition Editor Meredith Coleman McGee and Author Irma Rodgers Walker

By Meredith Coleman McGee,

Delta Foundation’s Off the Shelf presents 4 Authors & The Book Gallery’s owner at 5 P.M. TODAY. Video excerpts…

William Trest Jr., Author of two novellas, Reverse Guilty Plea and The New Populist Party LISTEN TO WDSV 91.9 FM LIVE

Mary Hardy, Owner, The Book Gallery, Only Black Owned Independent Bookstore in the Mississippi Delta

Hazel Janell Meredith (Hazel Hall), Mississippi Quilter and Author, My Brother J-Boy
Gospel Singer/Author, Mary Haralson Coleman, “Mary’s Story and Song” her memoir
Acquisition Editor/Publisher, Meredith Coleman McGee, Off the Shelf, WDSV 91.9 FM

Market Expo at Jackson Cash & Carry Food Market 10/28/2017 from 10 am. to 2 pm.

Meredith Etc books

Meredith Etc Book Titles are Great!

SAT. OCT. 28, 2017. 10 AM TO 2 PM. Meredith Etc authors including Mary Haralson Coleman, Meredith Coleman McGee, William Trest Jr… are displaying and selling their books at Jackson Cash & Carry Fresh Food Market’s EXPO, 3520 Terry Rd. Jackson, MS 39212. For more information call 601.376.9327 or 601.948.4122.

Starkishia: Estrella (memoir) on Sale

I learned something new about Mexican culture and life at Starkishia’s recent Book Talk at the Richland Library that was not recorded in her memoir.

Starkishia Estrella Product PageIn America we have charity hospitals, HUD… There is no charity in Mexico. Family and the money earned from hard work is all you have.

The author noted that male dominance over women is sharp which complicated her already troubled teen marriage… This point was noteworthy since the teen’s decision to leave the marriage was extremely consequential and definitely life changing.


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