Review of “James Meredith: Warrior and the America that created him and his generation.”

Aaron Timoteo

Hello, Ms. McGee! I recently received a copy of your biography of your uncle, and I just want to thank you for all the research and passion you poured into that project. I’m a first cousin twice removed from Mr. Meredith (a fellow descendant of William & Roxie Patterson through Esau Patterson’s line), and I have been amazed at all the family history you’ve collected. The stories that were passed down are inspiring, tragic, and hope-giving all at once, and I’m so grateful that you’ve captured them. (And that’s just after reading the first chapter!) So I just wanted to express my deep appreciation for your work, and I pray God blesses whatever you do next.

Slightly smiling face

Best hopes from one distant cousin to another, Aaron T. Sheppard

Relative of the author and James Meredith leaves review after learning new information about the family.

New Releases: “Lily Darling” & “A Little of Me, A Little of you: Spoken Word Choir Book” struggle to find an audience

COVID 19 has economically impacted the book industry. Thousands of authors cancelled book tours and have book stock which that cannot sell hand-to-hand. “I autographed and sold only one book since March 13, 2020,” Meredith Coleman McGee said. So far, McGee cancelled three book events slated for March and April.

With the closure of non-essential businesses including libraries across the nation, authors are struggling to introduce theirs works to the public. Like established authors, the authors of new book releases do not have access to public venues.

Please consider purchasing the new releases Lily Darling by Malesha Smith and or A Little of Me, A Little of You: Spoken Word Choir book by Dr. Janice K. Neal-Vincent. The product pages and a list of Meredith Etc titles are below.

Thank you for your support and purchase. HAPPY READING! ENJOY!

Mary’s Story & Song, a memoir
Historical Fiction
Married to Sin, a memoir about Darlene D. Collier with Meredith C. McGee, Mose Dantzler Press book
Mary’s Story & Song, Tragedy, Yet, Triumphant, and The New Populist Party book release cake
The Southern Jewel: The Elements Within by Ty A. PATTERSON, book release party
Author Meredith Coleman McGee seated
Pres. Obama’s reply letter to Richard Hulse, author of “My Brother Bo: Addicted in Paradise”
Support the works of Meredith Etc authors especially those trying to break in this closed market. Thank you! Happy Reading!
Everlasting Love Poems, Rhemalyn Lewis Williams was awarded the Most Pre-release Sales 2016

6 Christmas Book Gift Ideas for Children

208 page coloring, writing, and activity book
100 page story and picture book
book gift boxes
A favorite grandparent book pick
Chapter book which teaches civics. …legal terms, policies, excerpts of 1890 MS Constitution
Chapter book which teaches civics
easy read for children ages 5-7 – entire family will enjoy this read