Grief counselors present “Every Inch Love Will,” a memoir, by Meredith Coleman McGee to grieving widows

Grief counselors Bettye Tyler, Marvellous Works and Ella Lewis, Ella Lewis’s Life Coaching, present “Every Inch Love Will,” a memoir by Meredith Coleman McGee to grieving widows. softcover black and white interior $10.24

hardcover edition $20.98 and ebook $2.99

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Virtual Reading of Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir

Virtual Reading of Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir, with the author, the acquisition editor/publisher, and a trauma therapist. Dr. Vicki Barlow reads the Foreword; Meredith Coleman McGee reads the Introduction; Starkishia, the author, reads an excerpt of Chapter One Texas Bound in her voice for the very first time.

Virtual Reading of the memoir Starkishia: Estrella with contributing Dr. Vicki Barlow, Meredith Coleman McGee and the author Starkishia
Virtual Reading CONT of Starkishia: Estrella

Starkishia: Estrella (memoir) on Sale

I learned something new about Mexican culture and life at Starkishia’s recent Book Talk at the Richland Library that was not recorded in her memoir.

Starkishia Estrella Product PageIn America we have charity hospitals, HUD… There is no charity in Mexico. Family and the money earned from hard work is all you have.

The author noted that male dominance over women is sharp which complicated her already troubled teen marriage… This point was noteworthy since the teen’s decision to leave the marriage was extremely consequential and definitely life changing.


Meredith Coleman McGee trade paperback $10.49 eBook $3.88