Virtual Reading of Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir

Virtual Reading of Starkishia: Estrella, a memoir, with the author, the acquisition editor/publisher, and a trauma therapist. Dr. Vicki Barlow reads the Foreword; Meredith Coleman McGee reads the Introduction; Starkishia, the author, reads an excerpt of Chapter One Texas Bound in her voice for the very first time.

Virtual Reading of the memoir Starkishia: Estrella with contributing Dr. Vicki Barlow, Meredith Coleman McGee and the author Starkishia
Virtual Reading CONT of Starkishia: Estrella

Grateful for more new readers

More readers have been introduced to Meredith Etc books and sponsored books… Mary’s Story & Song, Reverse Guilty Plea, Starkishia: Estrella, Odyssey, My Brother J-Boy, Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum, and My A to G Activity Book (a Community Library Initiative book).


Starkishia: Estrella gets new Book Review

Customer Review
 Starkishia reminds us that no matter who we are there is hope for us if we don’t give up, June 12, 2017

This review is from: Starkishia: Estrella (Paperback)

What an amazing look at what an individual can endure and still come out better on the other side.

Starkishia takes you into the life of the author, letting you feel what she experienced, read about what impacted her life at a young age and see how she was able to keep moving forward and succeeding. The author’s story will definitely inspire others to realize they are not what others say about them. They can choose to be the best of themselves and know that this is enough.

It also reminds us that everyone is worthy of love, and when you are able to find that individual or those who truly love you for you it will help to enhance your life in ways you could not have imagined.

One of those books that makes you appreciate where you are and what you have, realizing how it could all be gone tomorrow. Starkishia’s life is proof that in spite of the challenges we face there is hope for us all.

 ALSO BY Starkishia


A timeless memoir about a teen who grew too fast….

“An appalling childhood is without a doubt difficult to overcome, but survival is achievable for a child with a mighty will, who chooses to conquer his/her demons.”  

Nearly three years after its release Starkishia: Estrella is still capturing the hearts of readers. ORDER now and find out why!

untitled (4) $13.99 softcover $7.88 eBook small print $10.99

Estrella means ‘Star’ in Spanish

Authors make TV appearance on Delta News Morning

lunch-book-talk-greenville-2017Authors Mary Haralson Coleman, Starkishia, and Meredith Coleman McGee will appear on the Delta News Morning, WABG, WXVT, and WNBD, Friday morning at 6 am in Greenville, Mississippi. Mary Haralson Coleman is the Guest Speaker for O’Bannon High School,’s BLACK HISTORY PROGRAM (9 a.m.) She will discuss her new memoir Mary’s Story & Song.

The authors will facilitate an Authors’ Panel at 12 noon at the Book Gallery. Both events are free and open to the public. Starkishia is the co-author of Mary’s Story & Song and the author of Starkishia: Estrella. Meredith Coleman McGee is the author of four books. Her latest book is Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum.

Visit for more information about the authors.