We appreciate new readers.

Meredith Etc authors appreciates new readers who recently purchased Odyssey, a collection of poems and other writings by Meredith Coleman McGee, and Southern Jewel: The Elements Within, a collection of coming of age poems and essays by Ty A. PATTERSON.

HAPPY READING! Your comments are welcome! 

https://meredithetc.com/southern-jewel/ book page Southern Jewel: The Elements Within

https://meredithetc.com/odyssey/ book page Odyssey

Meredith Etc welcomes new readers

meredith-etc-brochure-jpeg-pg-2Meredith Etc is happy to welcome new readers. Southern Jewel: The Elements Within by Ty A. PATTERSON was downloaded to a Nook Reader this week, and American University students can now check out Social Justice and Christianity by the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn at Bender Library in Washington, DC. 

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