“Nashida” made a splash with children

Girls from 3 to 14 identified with the character “Nashida.” Author Meredith Coleman McGee presented excerpts of “Nashida: Visits the Smith Robertson Museum” to children and adults this past Saturday at the Quisenberry Library in Clinton, Mississippi. 

Seven year old Nashida narrates this story and shares history lessons with readers. She introduced readers to Smith Robertson, a former slave who was elected to public office in Jackson, Mississippi during Reconstruction (1865-1877), Richard Wright, a famous Black writer, who was the most famous graduate of the school, Medgar Evers, Mississippi’s top freedom fighter, Fannie Lou Hamer, a former SNCC spokesperson, James Meredith, the first Black to attend Ole Miss, and many other heros and sheroes of African descent.

The whole family will enjoy this book which presents real historic pictures collected from the achieves at the Library of Congress. 

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