Second printing of “The Southern Phoenix”

Here ye, here ye, Meredith Etc, released the second printing of The Southern Phoenix, an historical fiction novel, via IngramSpark.

southern phoenix cover jpeg 2Order your copy today! This is a great literary work for general fiction readers as well as for Middle school and college students.

The Southern Phoenix is an historical fiction novel about the Black experience in the Deep South which introduces the sit-ins in Alabama, the 1965 riots in Watts, fair housing issues, and scenes–poignant, joyous, riveting, and sad–portraying what life was really like for the Black population during the decades of the mid-20th century.

Book Review excerpts by Juan Moreno Haines:

This historical novel, published last year, provides readers with a vivid portrayal of the post-World War II racial divide in the American South and how it created the civil rights movement…

A big part of that story was migration. During the middle parts of the 20th century, thousands of Black families moved out of the South in search of a better life. This was called The Great Migration, and the reader experiences it though John David’s eyes as he heads West.

John David describes his culture shock when he moved out of the American South in the late to mid-1950s and landed in Los Angeles with its newly built spiraling freeways: “I had never even heard of a freeway, let alone ridden on one! Just imagine you waking up one morning and taking a ride with the Jetsons?!”

The narrator speaks in crisp Southern dialect. Ordinary historical fiction lovers as well as Middle school and college scholarly readers will enjoy The Southern Phoenix.

2nd Printing, Hardback edition, IngramSpark- ISBN-13: 978-0-9993226-8-0

344 pages – black & white edition

1st Printing ISBN-13: 978-0-9993226-1-1 – ISBN-13: 978-1544925745 

For interviews contact Rosemary Jenkins, 818-667-3280,

Kindle ebook $8.99 BUY Hardback edition $29.99 + shipping $7.01 = $37.00

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