Meredith C. McGee hosted the Virtual Holiday Book Festival Sat. Take a peak!

Meredith C. McGee, Event Organizer, Community Library Mississippi Goes Virtual, hosted the Virtual Holiday Book Festival Saturday. Take a peak!

Virtual Holiday Book Festival, marketplace, 1st 55 minutes, Sat. Nov. 28, 2020
Virtual Holiday Book Festival, Saturday, Nov. 28, 2020, full festival 7.57 hours

Thanks to the parents, participants, the audience, and everyone who had a hand in the Delta Book Festival 2020 Spelling Bee.

Announcing Delta Book Festival 11.28.2020 Spelling Bee winners:

1st Grade:

1st Place – Harrynoel Chia

2nd Place – Robert Lee Williams, III

3rd Grade

1st Place – Peyton Jones

2nd Place – D’zaria Butler

3rd Place – Ty’Leeann Hines

Combined 4th/5th/6th Grade:

1st Place – Shivaani Kumaravenkatesh (4th grade),

2nd Place – Daniel Knott (6th grade)

2nd Place – Charis Ngong (5th grade)

Jackson Book Festival hosted its 3rd Poetry Contest during the Virtual Holiday Book Festival. *Announcing 11.28.2020 Winners *

Elementary group:

1st Place Trophy Shivaani Thamizhmani

2nd Place Trophy Chelsea Smith

3rd place medallion tie: Harrynoel Chia and Clifton King.

Middle School:

1st Place Trophy Clarence Ngong

2nd Place Trophy Hannah King

H.S. Adult:

1st Place Trophy Marcus Lewis

2nd Place Trophy Mikayla Smith

3rd Place medallion goes to Malesha Smith

Several parents competed in the poetry competition with their child or children. They received trophies too.

Smith Family won Talented Family Team

Lakenderick & Zoe Davis’s family won Talented Family Team

Thamizhmani family won Talented Family Team

Spelling Bee & Poetry competitions increase intellect & produce emerging writers.

Intellect Matters! Get involved! Spelling Bee & Poetry competitions increase intellect & produce emerging writers.   

Community Library Mississippi Goes VirtualVirtual Holiday Book Festival, Sat. 11.28.2020 calls for authors, book sellers, vendors, spellers and poets. Holiday Book Festival on Zoom from 10 am to 6 pm central standard time. Free and open to the public.

“Children enrolled in the Spelling Bee are studying master spelling lists for grades 1 – 6 which contain 70 to 200 words. Poetry contestants must recite original poems,” Meredith C. McGee, Organizer, Virtual Holiday Book Festival noted. “Community presence is important. Get registered! Let’s cheer and encourage children competing in these challenging intellectual competitions,” McGee added. Download Spelling Bee master spelling list… more details