Thank you for purchasing “Woman Preach.”

Thank you for purchasing “Woman Preach” by the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn. This well researched book sheds light on society’s gradual acceptance of women preachers. Some leaders of the cloth continue to reject women leaders. It took centuries for women had to gain the right to speak in public and the right to stand in the pulpit.

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“Woman Preach” hits the marketplace

Readers are discovering our new book release – Woman Preach. Traditionally, the late Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn was a hand to hand book salesman. As I indicated in the Foreword, I know his smile has touched the clouds. He was proud to be an author, and now his works are reaching readers online beyond his local base. Blessings to new readers.

Introducing “Woman Preach” by Rev. Dr. Louis Hathorn

Introducing "Woman Preach" by Rev. Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn. book page

Advance Praise for Woman Preach

In this recent book, Woman Preach, The Reverend Dr. Louis Blake Hathorn, sheds new light on the powerful role women played in the church, and in society. From Sojourner Truth to Susan B. Anthony, both 19th century preachers, women have been a source of strength, acting with the prophetic voices of social justice, to abolish slavery and bigotry and to treat women and all people with equality and the dignity they deserve.

Dr. Hathorn provides insight into the, often muted and misrepresented, leadership roles women played in the church, articulating the needs of the poor and the neglected. History shows, documented in Dr. Hathorn’s book, that it was the women of the church who called upon its leadership to answer the challenge of the Gospel in addressing those needs. Woman Preach deserves to be studied for its timeless truths. 

◊ Reverend G. David Singleton, Minister, Social Justice Activist, Humanitarian. NOTE: Rev. Singleton wrote the foreword for Rev. Hathorn’s first book Social Justice and Christianity.

From the onset, one can tell Woman Preach is a labor of love left to the world by Rev. Dr. Louis B. Hathorn. His passion for his subject matter pours out on each page, and the depth of his research is impressive.

◊ Vanessa M. Cavett, Author 

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