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NEWS: Community Library Mississippi’s board and volunteers distributed 147 copies of My First Book Series and My Picture Dictionary to early learner in its first 8 months of operation (July 2019 to Feb. 2020). We sell these resources too. Proceeds support our book giving program.

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NEWS: Japanese readers have been downloading My Picture Dictionary since July of 2019. Parents and grandparents across the nation use this resource in their homes. My First Book Series is incorporated into the curriculum of day care centers. The print edition of My Picture Dictionary is in the library of early learning hubs.

NEWS: A black and white print edition of My Picture Dictionary was recently released. It retails for $5.98. My First Book Series is on sale for $11.98 (six volumes 208 pages).

New black and white edition of My Picture Dictionary
My First Book Series sale price $11.98 (six volumes – 208 pages)

My Picture Dictionary By Meredith Coleman McGee et al

Right-Left Author/Publisher Meredith Coleman McGee with her great niece Author JaNiya Williams

Thank you for purchasing “MY PICTURE DICTIONARY,” a reference book for early learner. “MY PICTURE DICTIONARY” is an important learning aid during this period of digital learning,” Meredith Coleman McGee, Chair, Community Library Mississippi said. This reference book includes pictorial and key definitions of three and four letter words; the back matter features sample sentences, a list of vegetables, a list of fruit and a list of vowels, consonants, pronouns, maps, shapes, and more much.

Consider also “MY FIRST BOOK SERIES” By Hazel Hall et al, “SAVING THE MANATEES” By Janiya Williams, Illustrated by Calla Ridgeway, “MY BROTHER J-BOY” by Hazel Janell Meredith, and Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Children’s Book Series featuring the ‘Nashida‘ character. Nashida teaches culture, civics, and history.

MY FIRST BOOK SERIES” includes six volumes and six certificates of completion. Children need a pencil and crayons. Children learn unique things such as writing the names of their family on a tree, how to spell ‘Mississippi’ in song, skip counting… Through this is a preschool readiness book, second grade teachers and adult education instructors use it to successfully reteach relevant concepts.

SAVING THE MANATEES” is a story book about manatees which are marine mammals. Children need a pencil and crayons. Children can color and read. The back matter includes space to write sight words and for learners to practice writing their name in cursive. Reportedly, learners range in age from six to 18 have self taught themselves how to write their name in cursive using the practice writing exercises.

The 1st volume of the Moses Meredith Cultural Arts Book Series is “NASHIDA: VISITS THE SMITH ROBERTSON MUSEUM.” Smith Robertson was a former slave and the first Black lawmaker in the City of Jackson. Historical pictures enhance Nashida’s storytelling. Nashida’s stories include her tour of the Mississippi State Capitol and the Old Capitol Museum.

Great reference books for early learners

Great reference books for early learners… My Picture Dictionary and My First Book Series. Buy now. softcover book full color hardback book semi-color

6 Christmas Book Gift Ideas for Children

208 page coloring, writing, and activity book
100 page story and picture book
book gift boxes
A favorite grandparent book pick
Chapter book which teaches civics. …legal terms, policies, excerpts of 1890 MS Constitution
Chapter book which teaches civics
easy read for children ages 5-7 – entire family will enjoy this read

South African book retailer list dozens of titles by Mississippi Author Meredith Coleman McGee – books by Meredith Coleman McGee listed in Wantitall’s website in Linbro Park, Gauteng, South Africa.

WHAT A BEAUTIFUL THING! South African book retailer list dozens of books and works by Meredith Coleman McGee

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My Picture Dictionary, a new release, was recently added to the list.

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Hazel Janell Meredith (Hazel Hall), Mississippi Quilter and Author, My Brother J-Boy
Gospel Singer/Author, Mary Haralson Coleman, “Mary’s Story and Song” her memoir
Acquisition Editor/Publisher, Meredith Coleman McGee, Off the Shelf, WDSV 91.9 FM