Join us at Holiday Book Festival 2022 next month

Join us at Holiday Book Festival 2022 the Saturday after Thanksgiving for our annual virtual event, live on Zoom, Facebook live, 11.26.2022 from 12 noon to 5pm central time; 1pm to pm eastern time. Sign up for the Spelling Bee and Poetry Contest. Get tickets from A book heaven…

get tickets to Holiday Book Festival 2022

Get tickets to Holiday Book Festival 2022, a virtual book festival sponsored by Community Library Mississippi, Jackson Book Festival, Delta Book Festival, Book Gallery, and Meredith Etc.

Calling for spellers and poets to compete on the annual contests… The master spelling lists are available via

Holiday Book Festival 2022, Annual Virtual Event, Sat after Thanksgiving, Nov. 26, 2022. Marketplace, Spelling Bee & Poetry Contest, 1pm to 5pm central, 2pm to 6pm eastern.

Book & other Vendors tickets are free $00.00.

Vendors please

  1. purchase a minimum of two (2) items from Holiday Book Festival 2022 vendors during the live marketplace
  2. share the virtual Holiday Book Festival live link
  3. email the admin the name of your book and or company brand