Southern Jewel (Poetry)

Southern Jewel


Southern Jewel: The Elements Within by Ty A. Patterson was released August 15, 2014. print copy $7.88 Off the Shelf Radio WDSV 91.9 FM, Greenville, Mississippi (Poet Ty A. PATTERSON)

I grew up in rural Attala County, Mississippi. My parents provided us with a beautiful, simple life, but at some point I wanted something different. Children seldom stray too far from their upbringing. However, I walked on the other side of the tracks and evolved into a totally different person. Instead of learning from my failures, I became a product of them. But in the end, I returned to my roots. Our youthful vulnerabilities cause us to surrender to the destructive influences around us. These periods in life can make us angry, sad, coldhearted, doubtful, and downright hopeless. But once it is in our past, we have the power to become strong, wise, confident, and discerning.

I learned the hard way about fake friends, crazy relationships, financial struggles, and how difficult it is to juggle work, school, family, a love life, a social life, and still try to keep the faith. When I embraced my selfworth, I discovered the true me:  a Southern Jewel, who like you, possesses the elements within: earth, fire, water, and air. Read this book if you are searching for the best you. By Ty A. Patterson — Meredith Etc proudly presents Southern Jewel: The Elements Within by Ty A. Patterson.

On one hand, Patterson’s poetry describes error, drama, and carefree living, but it also depicts an evolution from youthfulness into maturity, and discusses friendships, romance, and other topics. Below is an excerpt of the poem Real Woman, Real Man in Chapter 1 Earth: All we want to do is be in our comfort zones. But even that is twisted. Some comfort zones include alcohol, drugs, gossip … all because we use the excuse  “only God can judge me” but we forget – one day HE WILL!

The poem He Sent Me You from Chapter 2 Fire eludes to the sensual essence of a man; an excerpt is as follows: Face to face when he breathes out, I purposely wait and breathe in just to inhale the most intoxicating fragrance I had ever indulged in.

I wonder if he knows what shade of brown his eyes are… if you mixed black coffee, caramel, maybe brown sugar and my reflection… that’s the color. I touch his hair and I  feel as if I am touching the softest blends, feeling the most sensual patterns.

God must really love me.

He sent me you.

Poet Ty A. Patterson

Poet Ty A. Patterson

Southern Jewel is grouped into Then and Now intermediate sections followed by poems and letters which use the elements as metaphors to discuss diverse experiences. Enjoy it!

Advance Praise for Southern Jewel: The Elements Within

Ironically or purposefully, the first chapter of poet Ty A. Patterson’s first book, “Southern Jewel: The Elements Within,” is Earth. It alone has the power to bury the reader alive with conceit or excavate their soul with remorse. The choice is theirs to either embrace Patterson’s empowering words of self-fulfillment or be damned to continue on a path of doom. The following three chapters – Fire, Water and Air – also help to quench one’s thirst for acceptance of self and others. Good luck in trying to stop to catch your breath.

Alice Tisdale, Publisher, Jackson Advocate

Author Ty A. Patterson brings to the forefront the impact of living life first as a “Southern gurl (sp),”  only to be developed into a fine jewel in the LORD’S timing. I’m sure that every reader will have a connect-to-life experience.

Iris L. Jones, Founder of Iris L Jones Ministries, Inc. Iris L. Jones Enterprises, Inc.

When Miss Patterson writes she does it from her soul. She shows her talent and tells some truths. This body of work will have you saying, “Yes!” “Say that!” and “I know that’s right!” Lynette Stafford, The Magical Storybook Lady, Host and Executive Producer, Off the Shelf, Greenville, Mississippi

This piece of art is Ty A. Patterson’s soulful expression of poetic thought; she invites readers into her creative world which is open sharing the deepness of her elevated mind. Reya Peach, Poet/Lyricist Status Move 

Miss Patterson’s poem “He Is” embodies what I seek and need in a man. She hit the nail on the head with that one. High 5!!

Chearice Vaughn, International Model/Spokesperson MSA Arts and Entertainment 100_2946

Ty A. PATTERSON – Off the Shelf radio with the Story Book Lady in Greenville, Mississippi

Kixie Sunday Morning Magazine radio show – Lessie Hayes, producer with Poet Ty A. Patterson.

Poet Ty A. PATTERSON was the Keynote speaker at the 42nd Annual Mississippi State Leadership Conference in Kosciusko, Mississippi, April 18, 2015. Poet Ty A. PATTERSON’s interview on the LADY WALKER SHOW

20 thoughts on “Southern Jewel (Poetry)

  1. Yes, I have been waiting on this book! I know Ms. Ty A. Patterson is a beautiful, powerful, and intelligent woman. Can not wait to get my copy. I know its going to be an eye opener for some and entertainment for others.


  2. Ty is a real person, with real aspirations and real dreams that has manifested because of her personal walk with Christ. She walks in destiny and this book is only the surface of what is yet to come. In a world where superficial is the norm, it is refreshing to know that “REAl” still exist and is tangible. “Southern Jewel- The Elements Within.” is a breath of fresh air that is purely Delicious!


  3. Ty!!! I knew from the moment I met you there was something special about you! So proud of you!!!!

    Dove Love & Blue Kisses! 💙💙💙💙💙


  4. Ty this is so great!! I’m glad you have accomplished what you set out to do. I know you will bring truth and wisdom to your many readers. Dove Love!! 😘


  5. Im so proud of you Ty. God is truly blessing you. Keep the faith!! Looking forward to purchasing the book!!



    I loved it [Southern Jewel: The Elements Within]. Soul searching, powerful truth! She reveals her journey on how she grows and deals with life as a youth then adult, worldly human then spIritually mature individual. As she put it…”check your mentality because it will eventually determine who you are.” Also, “We are blessed differently, but constantly.” This book will surely inspire us to rethink our own thoughts.


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